• People die everyday

    And so it's a good idea for the US to ban them. I know that people say it's their decision if they want to smoke or not, but they're basically saying that they want a bunch of cancers and want to damage their voices. People around them are second hand smoking, and they can get diseases too, you know. 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to it, so if we ban cigarettes, then imagine how many less deaths there will be in the US every year!

  • It is 1. Causing the most deaths in the world.

    It should be illegal in so many reasons i can't explain. But 443,000 people annually die from cigarette smoking. It can kill you, don't think you will be more popular if you smoke. You are wrong on so many levels. Just think about this okay? Okay, you wouldn't smoke unless it was the last thing on the planet.

  • It is unhealthy...

    Yes, it should. It really causes many health problems. I have been smoking since I was 13 until the age of 46. I began to notice that it was causing me to have breathing problems, as well as triggering to my anxiety attacks. It causes cancer, and breathing problems. If you really love your body, then you will quit smoking.

  • Cigarettes doesn't only affect 1 person.

    If people chose to smoke I understand that's there choice. But that choice can also harm others. Second hand smoke is a why many kids have asthma. Some people can even get cancer from it. If cigarettes were banned then less people would have cancer. More people instead would be alive.

  • Yes cigarettes should be banned in the United States.

    In my opinion, cigarettes should be banned. If people smoke, their lungs get destroyed. I am sure there are other people to fill up hospitals instead of people who smoke too much. The solution to this problem? No cigarettes, no smoking, no lung disease, more room in hospitals. Therefore, we need to stop cigarettes from being sold by banning them.

  • It should be!

    I am 13 years old and I find smoking cigarettes to be outrageous. I know this country has become so dependent cigarettes and other drugs such as weed. We all know weed is a illegal drug. But that still doesn't stop people from smoking it and inhaling it. Both of my parents are heavy smokers and I feel they spend more time smoking weed and cigarettes then do with their own daughter. Also a problem with smoking is withdrawal. There are many cigarette companies in the U.S. who make tons of money from regular cigarette consumers. Now people who usually smoke and don't for a while...Well they get severe withdraw symptoms. I know one of them is they are angered far easier than when they do have a fresh pack of cigarettes. I wouldn't know all of them because my parents ALWAYS have cigarettes.
    My family is struggling to make end meet to pay the bills and put food on the table. The three main things my parents argue about is
    MONEY and CIGARETTES...And weed...
    Smokers feel that banning cigarettes would be stealing their rights. Basically if you ban cigarettes it would basically be like banning wine and beer because so many people are dependent. Banning cigarettes won't stop americans from illegally purchases them...
    I understand that quitting smoking is hard. That is why I believe you should never start in the first place...
    Some people would say that our ancestors smoked and smoking is fine. Guess what?... Our ancestors also were stupid... They believed bathing was unhealthy and consuming sugar was fine. Smoking destroys families and lives. Also it causes diseases such as lung cancer.
    Smoking is bad and outrageous. They should be banned
    and I WILL be heard

  • Banning smoking would lower the amount of people using them.

    Only people who are very serious about smoking would continue to smoke even if it means breaking the law. Most people who are now using cigarettes are only using them because it is allowed by law and it is addicting. Less people would start smoking in the first place if it meant breaking the law.

  • No, cigarettes should not be banned in the United States.

    In my opinion, cigarettes should not be banned in the United States. The use of tobacco products shouldn't be prohibited as they are not just part of our culture but also a part of our history. The smoking of the American Indian peace pipe and the burning of incenses and char-roots are matter of personal choice.

  • Cigarettes should not be banned.

    Cigarettes do not deserve a ban in the United States. People have the right to choose if they want to smoke or not, so if smoker want to continue smoking, they should have that option. If the US wants people to stop, increasing taxes on cigarettes would be the best way to go.

  • Live and let live

    Everyone's aware of the health risks of smoking. If they choose to damage their health, then that's their choice.
    The same arguments of "protecting people from themselves" could be made about fast food, but we all realize how stupid it would be to ban fast food. Stop playing Big Brother and let people make their own damn decisions.

  • We should have certain regulations

    We may have made drugs illegal, but that hasn't stopped people from doing drugs (funny, how drugs can seriously harm people, just like smoking, yet smoking isn't illegal). I believe we should allow people to smoke on certain conditions. Rules should be that they shouldn't smoke where other non-smoking people or children are around. They shouldn't smoke to the point where the air becomes too polluted. If you want to smoke with your buddies, go ahead. Just don't hurt another unwilling person or a child by doing so.

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