• Yes, and in the rest of the world too!

    Smoking does nothing positive or good for the body, all it does is slowly wreck the body and them destroy it.

    Why are we allowing people to make a product, sell a product and make profits from a product that does nothing but hurt people.

    It's like allowing people to murder others as long as they do it slowly.

  • It costs us money

    To deal with the many side effects of prolongs smoking there are significant cost to the health care system. In Canada, i don't want to foot the bill for someone else expression of their right, They also have an oblation to keep themselves in good health, They abuse that, they lose the right of health care.

  • Cigarettes should be banned in America

    It is my opinion that cigarettes are harmful and deadly enough to be a banned substance in the entire country. There are no health benefits that come from smoking cigarettes. This product is detrimental to society because it causes numerous health issues and untimely death in the American population overall.

  • Cigarettes should be banned nationwide in America.

    Cigarettes should be banned nationwide in America. The evidence that cigarettes causes health problems such as lung cancer, heart attacks, and strokes is irrefutable. Cigarettes are also dangerous because they are addictive. Cigarettes do not have any positive effect on a person. Allowing cigarettes to be sold is being negligent towards the health of the public. The government should promote health consciousness and ban cigarettes nationwide.

  • Yes Ban Cigarettes in the U.S.

    I support a ban on cigarettes. Cigarettes are unhealthy. They have killed hundreds of thousands of people a year (in the US alone). I do not agree with the argument to support cigarettes in order to support taxes on tobacco products. There has been attempts to gradually wean people off of cigarettes and other tobacco products in the past and it is an obvious failure. Prices have increased, restrictions are heftier and yet there are new smokers starting each year.

  • It Shouldn't be Banned, but it Should be Taxed Heavily

    Cigarettes are obviously unhealthy, killed hundreds of thousands of people a year (in the US alone), and is popular. I do not support a ban on cigarettes, but I do support tax hikes on tobacco products to gradually ween people off of them while also increasing the government's tax revenue to help pay for important projects such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, etc. It is a win-win situation; people get healthier (assuming they actually quit) and the government makes more money. The only unhappy people is the smokers and we can thank them for the nice increase in tax money.

  • No no NO!!

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  • No, definitely not.

    People should have the choice to use it or not. It is up to the person not someone else however dangerous they are. If people say they may (not will) kill you it should be banned, so does life it will (not may) kill you in the end should we ban that also! Cars can kill other people should we ban them also. Every substance can kill you if you consume to much of it should we ban them also. And no I do not smoke.

  • No, cigareettes shouldn't be banned nationwide.

    I do not think that cigarettes should be banned nationwide in the United States of America. While I think that cigarettes are a horrible product and smoking is a terrible habit, people in America should have the right to smoke if they want. I just think there should be stricter public laws.

  • No, definitely not.

    You definitely do not ban people from smoking cigarettes. We have seen what prohbition did in the 1930s and we see how horrible the drug war as been over the course of several decades. If you do this with cigarettes, it simply gives criminals more means and other avenues to travel.

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