Should cigarettes be considered an illegal substance?

Asked by: agha.haider21
  • They Should be Banned

    Banning cigarettes would save millions of lives. 480,000 smokers die every year in the United States, that is an epidemic level number.

    Yes, I know that if they were made illegal, people would sell them anyway. But guess what, people all sell meth and heroin despite those substances being legal, so why not tobacco?

  • Cigarettes Need to be Banned

    Cigarettes need to be considered an illegal substance because they cause more harm than good. Cigarettes are bad for your lungs and can completely ruin your lungs if you smoke to much. The substance Nicotine should at least be banned because that is the substance that makes people addicted to smoking.

  • What would it help?

    At the end of the day, it should be down to personal choice. Smoking laws have already been enforced where you can't smoke in certain public areas, you can't smoke with a child in the car, etc, which I believe helps with the main issue of cigarettes: second-hand smoking. If you want to ingest it, that's your own choice. Plus as we all know by now, banning helps nothing and would actually be more likely to encourage smoking rather than ban it. Plus, I say that if you make cigarettes illegal, you might as well make alcohol and all other "adult substances" illegal as well.

  • It is their choice if they want to smoke, it isn't your problem.

    Everyone knows that it is bad for you, I constantly see ads saying that all the time. NOBODY thinks it is good for you. NOBODY.
    Saying that it is bad for you is like saying the sky is blue, we get it already.

    However, it is their personal choice if they want to do it. The same thing with drinking alcohol, or doing drugs, or eating unhealthy food. Do you want to bad fast food as well? Or alcohol?
    Most of the things people consume are dangerous and kill a lot of people, but that doesn't mean we can take away their choice to do it.
    Not only that, but like the others here have said, it won't stop people from smoking. They will do it whether or not it is legal, so stop it. We've tried banning alcohol before, and that ended horribly. Want it to happen again? We are doing it right now with drugs, and it is giving money to criminals that are selling it.
    Great job. The money isn't even going to a good cause, or to the government, but to criminals because you people think that just banning something will make it go away.
    You people are so one-track minded for thinking this is a good idea.

  • Ban not a solution

    Banning has never been a solution to any problem. It just escalates the problems more. If ban would be a solution, then a long ago heroine and other types of drugs would have become obsolete.

    It's the human nature to try for anything which is restricted. The ban may even escalate the problems, those who might have only tried for cigarettes would also try for other banned drugs once they had got the courage to use any banned drug.

  • It wouldn't work

    Bans on substances never reduce the rate of usage. Just look at Prohibition. The rates of alcoholism and underage drinking skyrocketed when they banned alcohol. Not to mention the huge foothold it gave to organized crime syndicates. Banning cigarettes would only make them taboo and desirable. The current strategy of discouraging its use is sufficient.

    Posted by: Adze

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