• The disgusting filth.

    Nobody should ever start smoking. Unfortunately, there was once a time when smoking actually was the cool thing to do. It not only destroys the smokers health, but the health of everybody else around them as well. Does lead, arsenic, and butane sound appealing? Hell no. They weren't marketed that way though. I feel everybody who has a habit should quit, and those wanting to try it out should NEVER even take the step of doing it. People are slaves to these toxic chemicals. People are paying such a high price for a pack of death. They are giver THEIR money to the companies who do not care if they die. Please quit everyone. <3

  • On one side I want to say they should be illegal.....But

    I think they should be illegal...
    I live next door to people who smoke cigarettes everyday. I don't even have the window open in my room and we can smell it. Ever heard of second hand smoke? Yeah, it causes even more damage to people around it than the one smoking it. Sadly it causes atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high cholesterol, problems with the lung, and even stroke. Why smoke something with horrible health problems? I don't wanna ingest this into my system with a chance of being diagnosed with heart disease because of someone's stupid choice of smoking it.

    Now, on the other side....Yes, it probably is my fault and my parent's fault for living by them smoking. It's a choice really I think. It should be taxed high though. Taxed very high. I think foods that have the worst health benefits should be taxed more, like beer and drugs. But, all in all I believe it should be ILLEGAL.

  • Cigarettes Are The Leading Cause Of...

    Cigarettes should be illegal because they are the leading cause of death, disability, and disease. They can clog your arteries. Pregnant women who smoke can have premature children, underweight children, and their children can have behavior problems. Also, pregnant smokers have an increased risk of miscarriage. Adults who smoke die 14 years earlier than when they naturally would have. For anyone who was wondering, I hope this was helpful and I hope that you agree with me and vote that cigarettes should be illegal!:)

  • Absolutely hundred percent

    Smoking releases so many chemicals into the air, Even if people are making the right choice by not smoking, Cigarettes still have an impact on their lives. 41, 000 people die in a year from second-hand smoking. The government should put health over pleasure and the economy. If there are no more people due to smoking, The economy will also go down.

  • Yes but slowly.

    According to the American Lung Association, cigarettes contain acetone (nail polish remover), ammonia (household cleaner), Arsenic (rat poison), benzene (rubber cement), Butane (lighter fluid), Cadmium (active component in battery acid), Formaldehyde (embalming fluid, yes that stuff those frogs you dissected in Biology were drenched in), and 7000+ more chemical compounds (70 of which are known carcinogens). This toxic content leads to the fact that cigarettes account for an average of 430,000 annually; that's more than the Americans that died during WWII, AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, car accidents, homicide, and suicide COMBINED (those come to 169,632 annually according to the CDC).

    Needless to say, the evidence for the danger smoking causes is self-sufficient. That being said though, sudden prohibition of alcohol lead to serious legal problems and ultimately proved to be a fruitless effort. So, any laws that eliminate cigarette sales would have to be slow so as not to cause everyone to cut cold turkey.

    I'd suggest setting up advocacy groups throughout the country, offering tax deductions for products that assist in quitting, a health hazard tax, and a sharp increase on sales taxes followed by eventual prohibition.

  • Let's make everything illegal.

    Making cigarettes illegal is absurd. This would only cause for the war on drugs to be expanded. Tax revenue from cigarettes would be gone. And the freedom of choice would also be taken away. Why not ban chocolate ice cream or sugar in the process. People who are for this have no idea of the ramifications that it would cause. If you do not want to smoke, don't.

  • Its your choice bro

    You don't have to do it if you don't want to. Many, many people have quit. Its not impossible. Even to start doing them is your choice. They may be negative for your body and the people around you however, it is your decision.

    Also, if cigarettes were banned in countries, tobacco sales would shift to the cartels or gangs that would then sell it like they do with marijuana.

  • It is a personal choice

    What you put into your body is your personal choice. Prohibiting people from putting things into their bodies is claiming ownership and control over another person's body.

    Cigarettes should be taxed to high heaven, children should not be allowed to smoke cigarettes, and there should be restrictions against second hand smoke, but they should not be illegal.

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