• Keeping Kids At Home During The Winter Time Would Save Time And Money

    Sending children to school during the winter months takes time and costs money. Children, Parents, & Schools would be better off to send kids to school only during the warm months and not during the winter months. Children would not be spreading back and fourth the Flu. Yellow buses and parents would save money on fuel.

  • Stay open for winter.

    Cincinnati is no different than any other Midwestern state. Sure, the winters can be bad but why does that mean they should be able to close for the winter? It's silly. If any places should close for the winter, school wise, let's do it in the upper Midwest around Minnesota and Illinois.

  • Students Need An Education

    I do not believe that Cincinnati public schools should close for the wintertime. Students, in America, are required to attend school and benefit greatly from the education they receive. Snow and ice may make it difficult to get children back and forth to school, but it is not a good excuse to deny them a proper education all together.

  • No, Cincinnati schools should not close for winter.

    Closing schools for winter would take kids out of school during the middle of their school year for an extended period of time. Children need every opportunity that they can get to learn. We should not shorten the length of time that they have available for learning just because it is snowing.

  • Cincinnati public schools should not close for the wintertime.

    There is no reason that Cincinnati public schools should close for the winter. Although it is cold in Cincinnati in the winter, the citizens are capable of dealing with this kind of weather. If this school district closed in the winter, the students would fall behind their peers in other cities.

  • Cincinnati Public Schools Can't Close for Winter

    In reality, Cincinnati public schools have absolutely no reason to close for wintertime. Even the harshest winters won't prevent students from attending school. Closing for winter might save schools some money, but it would also hurt the quality of education that students receive. Therefore, shutting down for this period isn't a good idea.

  • Schools shouldnt close.

    Cincinnatis weather is not even that bad. If Cincinnati public schools closed for the wintertime, then why not close schools in all of the midwest? Schools should remain open year round no matter what the weather is like. We cannot stop students from getting an education just because the weather is bad.

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