• It's SEXUAL MUTILATION of boys and of the men they become!

    When inflicted on -- FORCED ON -- helpless or hapless HEALTHY boys, circumcision is always SEXUAL MUTILATION, a religion-based, religion-blessed atrocity and fraud that has to be outlawed no matter how much Jews and their hated brothers the Muslims fume. Infant or boyhood circumcision makes the penis PERMANENTLY damaged for life. The primary sex organ of the male -- the penis -- is damaged anatomically, neurologically and physiologically in this notable human rights violation. There are valid, effective MEDICAL (i.e. non-surgical) treatments for the rare or uncommon foreskin problem. Leave boys INTACT so that they can decide in young adulthood if they want a normal, natural, healthy and beneficial body part destroyed and sliced off.

  • Yes and anyone who performs a circumcision should go to prison.

    Imagine if circumcision did not exist and that we lived in a world where genital mutilation was unheard of. Then one day someone went to a hospital maternity ward took newborn babies from their mothers and sheared off parts of their genitals. We would throw that person in jail for at least 15 years.

  • Circumcision shouldn't be banned, But doing it to a helpless infant or child should definitely be

    No parent should ever force their preferences or religious beliefs permanently and irreversibly onto a defenceless, Newborn infant; and this includes male circumcision.

    If a parent's preference or religious conviction argued for the labia of a girl to be incised, Would this be allowed?

    Circumcision of minors is a shame to any society that respects the rights of children to self determination of religion and bodily autonomy.

  • Without Question, It Should Be Illegal!

    Genital mutilation,rape, & sexual torture (i.E. Circumcision,which is a euphemism) is already illegal. How come under the banner of one's mythology(religion) it is legal? There is no evidence for anyone's *god*, so unless that day comes, all religious *circumcisions* should be outlawed. What loving being would ask someone to do this to another? Imagine the staggering level of delusions,ignorance, insanity, etc one must be at to do this to another human, let alone your baby?! Anyone who takes their child like a lamb to the slaughter is NOT qualified to be a parent, let alone a human....Sickening!!

  • Boys deserve equal rights!

    It is illegal to perform even the least damaging form of female circumcision, which does not remove any tissue. Females are many, many times more likely to have genitourinary problems than males. People from cultures that perform genital cutting on females also claim that it is healthy. Americans don't care WHAT benefits anyone thinks can be conferred by cutting genital tissue from baby girls, and that anyone who would even draw a drop of blood from a little girl's clitoris should be prosecuted for child abuse, and we SHOULD! That is the right attitude!

    It is the epitome of hypocrisy and absurdity that, while protecting baby girls, we turn our baby BOYS over to be strapped down and have a large part of their normal, healthy, genitalia torn, crushed, and cut off! We try to justify it with such excuses as that it might make them less likely to catch AIDS from unprotected sex with an infected, African prostitute!

    A better idea is to leave our little boys' normal, healthy, penises normal and healthy and encourage them not to have unprotected sex with African prostitutes!

  • ROUTINE INFANT circumcision should be outlawed.

    If someone over the age of 18 wants to get the procedure done, knock yourself out. It's your body, your rules. However nobody should make that decision for you, or force it upon you. It's unethical. It is also disturbing that it is socially acceptable for parents to decide to mutilate their child's genitals because in their opinion, it makes them more "attractive". The attractiveness of one's genitals, especially if one is considering altering surgery should be decided by the one who owns the genitals, not the parents (get out of our sex lives, mom and dad!)

  • To an extent yes

    I believe that circumcision before the age of 18 should be outlawed without the consent of the male in question.
    The procedure has been known to cause infections and there is little to no benefit for it.
    It sends a false message that someone is protected from hiv or other stds.
    If a grown man wants to be circumcised so be it but before then I do not think it should be allowed.

  • It's the persons body, their genitals, let them do what they want with it.

    You can tell your kids what and what isn't appropriate to wear, but don't take away a NATURAL part of their body. It is there for a reason. By circumcising them you are exposing bare tissue that was never meant to be tampered with in the first place. When he gets older he can decide for himself if he wants to be circumcised.

    Posted by: Cyan
  • Lol um no

    It is better for their health. If not you are prone to more infections. In fact I think it should be illegal to not have a circumcision. Granted the process is a little graphic but it will pay off later. Plus what lady wants a penis that isn't circumcised? Not me. Just like how men expect women to be nice and tight down there women expect men to be circumcised. Sounds dumb lol but its true

  • Medical procedures should always be legal

    Routine circumcision is wrong, but some people, even children need it. No other county in the world has outlawed circumcision. It's not the solution to routine circumcision in infants. Circumcision continues because people are uneducated and they are uneducated because discussing genitals is not polite dinner conversation, but we have to stat talking about it.

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