• Yes they should be!

    Anything that helps to remove the taboo about public nudity should be encouraged, and naked bike rides are one very good way to achieve this! Some people will freak out or moan about it at first, but after see public nudity a few times most will change their views about it once they see how harmless and beneficial it actually is. In fact many will start to strip off in public themseleves!

  • I Believe it Should Be Legal Everywhere.

    I have watched T.V. And Utube and other Videos of Naked Bike Riders, Naked Protesters and Nudity out in Public. What I have seen and tried myself on a public beach, is that most all humans"man,woman and child", Don't Care What You Are Or Aren't Wearing! As Long as you don't bother them. There is Nothing Wrong for Being Out In Your Birthday Suit.

  • Yes they should.

    The bigger question is why not? A lot of cities have had naked bike riding events and from what I have seen, it's not a huge ;problem that it is made out to be. Wh do people have such a problem with nudity? The reality is, in many places in America, they actually don't, but we are always told that we should.

  • Free the Skin!

    We are naturally naked. We're not supposed to hide our skin under these contraptions. In the future when people are mostly just wearing clothes when it's ceremonial or safety equipment people are going to be laughing at how freaked out people got about taking off their "costumes". Not only should naked biking be allowed but nudity should just generally be allowed.

  • Naked Biking in Cities

    Being naked is the most natural state a human being can be in, so if someone wants to ride their bike around naked they should be able to do so. I would, however, restrict this type of biking to certain areas of the city, preferably away from schools or parks where young children are. Otherwise, I think it's a great idea.

  • It would be a great way to raise awareness for various causes.

    I think that it would be a great idea for a fundraiser or some sort of awareness against rape culture or social constraints. The thing about naked biking is that they aren't actually naked. It's similar to a slut walk, no problem as long as they keep the participants responsibles.

  • Yes, I believe they should.

    If a city allows public nudity then I don't understand why they wouldn't allow naked biking. As long as the biker is using his own bike and didn't try to rent one from a rental place then I don't really understand what harm it would cause. Eventually people would get used to seeing it and it wouldn't be shocking.

  • No, becausee of safety

    On top of the obvious social controversy of this argument, there are also safety issues. Even small accidents would become hazardous because of the bare skin. This would also be unhygienic due to the contact of genitals on the seat. In cultures where nudity is uncommon, this would also be a large distraction and would cause accidents.

  • Humans are not natural creatures

    Let me clarify; we have gone to the point that many of the things we see as normal can be by no means classified as natural. If I asked you to strip down naked in front of your family, chances are you would decline. Nudity may be the state we were born in, but we have evolved to believe in a set of social norms and courtesies, among them being the necessity to cover up yourself in public.

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