Should cities extend special tax treatment to superstores if such treatment helps big stores crush mom-and-pop shops on Main Street?

  • Yes, they should.

    I dislike all business owners. They rip off their customers and employees. They are greedy and evil. The mom and pop would grow into a mega store if they could. They are just jealous they are not. I don't care if you are a small or large business. Might as well let the big business rule.

  • No they should not extend tax credit.

    Cities should not extend special tax treatments to large corporation superstores when they are crushing small mom and pop shops. No business should have preference over another no matter how big or small. Business is a fair game and should have an equal playing field, with special tax credits all fairness goes out the window.

  • They should not

    Superstores, frankly, have a huge advantage over smaller stores. Their buying power drives the prices to incredibly low numbers. Mom and pop shops are already being forced out of business as it is, and aiding this process through providing tax benefits to otherwise well off super companies does not make sense.

  • No special treatment for superstores

    Big-box superstores are an important part of our national economy. They benefit from economies of scale, and turn huge profits for their shareholders. Because of their large economic footprint and numerous resources, superstores can afford to negotiate aggressively with municipalities in order to gain special treatment. This aggressive negotiation should be resisted. Cities have a responsibility to treat all businesses fairly, and giving a competitive edge to large businesses does a disservice to the owners of small ones.

  • No, I don't think cities should extend special tax treatments to superstores.

    I think that the Government should not favor big stores over small stores or small stores over big stores, I think the Government should allow the free market to decide what stores will make it, I think the large superstores already are making a massive profit and don't need even more tax treatment.

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