Should cities invest more resources in public transportation in order to ease traffic congestion?

  • Yes to Help Congestion, Environment, and Ease of Mobility

    People want to get around and do things quickly. An efficient system would do that. As long as the vehicles work, the routes make sense, there's no wasting time, and it's safe, then invest in making a great public transportation. Other countries in Asia, South America, Europe, and even Africa have expanded (and some have even began) mass transit systems that are not only buses, but streetcars, monorails and subways as well.

    It would also help the environment, and people who are commuting to work with no public transportation options to get there may have less cars to fight with on the road. There even more benefits.

  • Yes, it would get people out of their cars

    Cars are the worst thing about cities. They steal space that
    could be parks or malls. They pollute the air, make too much noise, and get in
    the way of people trying to relax and enjoy their free time the city. They can
    be dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists. Investing in public transportation would
    mean fewer cars, and therefore a better quality of life for everyone in
    the city.

  • There should be more public transportation.

    Public transportation should be expanded to more suburban and rural areas to allow people that live far away from work and shopping a means of transportation. This would cut down on traffic because less people would be driving in from out of the city. It should likewise be expanded within cities to ease congestion.

  • Cities should invest more in public transportation.

    There are very few cities in which it is realistic to maneuver without a car. This forces almost everyone to purchase a car in the United States. As the population grows and the amount of cars on the roads increases, more carbon monoxide waste is being released into the atmosphere. In the interest of less smog and pedestrian friendliest, cities should invest more in public transportation.

  • Yes, of course they should.

    The commutes are getting too complicated in many big cities around the world, and it would pay dividends to invest more resources in pubic transportation to ease traffic congestion. It would cut down on commute time and it would cut down on much of the global warming problems we are currently having.

  • Cities should invest more resources in public transportation in order to ease congestion.

    Cities should invest more resources in public transportation in order to ease congestion. People would use these alternate means of transportation because they would be cheaper to use then the price that they are paying for gasoline. I think it would be a good thing for the people to be able to use public transportation.

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