• Wifi is a necessity

    In our generation wifi is a necessity and its required to have a social life. I'm not surprised that parents don't want that but if they want us to be social we need wifi. If the city split the cost equally in our taxes it would be much cheaper for the people who can't afford their own, but they all still have equal opportunity to get an education and do their job!

  • We should have free public wifi

    What if you wanna call your mom and tell her that your bringing potatoes from kroger. But you remember that you don't have phone service so you wanna text her. Then you remember that your city does not offer free public wifi. So you can't do that so you end up getting slapped because you brought the potatoes with out telling your mom. But i defend those poor people who are getting slapped because they brought potatoes home without letting there mom know. So WE NEED FREE PUBLIC WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes Free Wi-fi

    What if you are in the desert and you were bitten 4 times by a rattle snake and you were by a town with wifi and you do not have time to crawl or else you will die. You could post a pic on instagram with your location and someone could come to your rescue! So join us and say yes to free Wi-fi!!

  • Yasssss! Wi-Fi is a necessity

    You might need to text someone because you tripped over something like a tortoise and you broke your ankle. This is the 21st century, people rely on the wonderful thing called Wi-Fi to can contact people. Safety first! Most kids don't have phones so they need to contact their parents using Wi-Fi.

  • City's should have wifi.!

    Yes I believe city's should have free public wifi because what if you kids or you or in a waiting room bores out of you mind,Well you can use the city's wifi on your phone or tablet. What about when you just have a phone for wifi.? There are more ways city's need wifi but this is just a few.

  • Best idea ever.

    Many people can't afford to have Internet or wifi in their homes which is unfortunate. So, a simple solution would be to have free wifi throughout cities. Using technology is inevitable in today's world, so everyone should be able to use it or no one should be able to use it.

  • No people are GAY!

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  • The Productivity of the City

    People could work virtually anywhere and then the productivity rates will go up. ALso, it will increase tourism in that area because no one wants to get stopped at the airport for having a wifi tower in their suitcase. Therefore, tourists would have no way to connect. This way, tourists will want wifi and will be attracted to the city.

  • Yes we need public Wifi

    Why do we need public wifi? We need free wifi because many people many have homework and they don't have wifi in their homes.Well they have a place were they can work on their homework.If many children have homeschool and their parents can teach what they know so if they go to a place that has free wifi and take their computer or table and they have a head star on what they want

  • In Case of Emergency

    What if there was an emergency? Who would you call? 911 of course, but what if you didn't have cell service? You would need wi-fi to help someone get to health. We need wi-fi in SOME public places. People need wi-fi for a lot of things. Just let us have free public wi-fi.

  • People would end up over using it and it would cost the city money.

    People would end up over using it and it would cost the city money and, other (important) things (example:) public schools would have to shut down because the city wouldn't have the money (they used it on wifi) to support it. NO FREE PUBLIC WIFI THINK ABOUT THE EFFECTS BEFORE YOU DO IT!!!!

  • Protect Your eyesight

    Remember how the bright screens on your Iphone or apple product can wreck your eyesight. With the Wi-Fi everywhere the people standing in front of their Iphones (etc.) will have worse eyesight than the people that don't stand in front of their screens. In the end your eyesight will be worse if the Wi-Fi is everywhere and you use your iphone (etc.) everywhere (the wifi) it is.

  • Why there should be no wifi

    No WiFi is needed because we have internet in our own homes and people that cant afford internet gotta work for it like the rest of the world. Our generation of children use their phones half the time in classes during school. When they head home they might still have internet and be on it for a long time

  • Don't think so

    So, giving out free wifi can be good, but it can also result in a bad point of view. We are in 2014 and basically are lives are ruled over with electronics and new technology. If cities gave out free wifi, people would be more obssesed with their devices than they already are. People should just enjoy the moment instead of being on their phones all the time.

  • Hackers can get in

    Further on, computers and/or phones can get hacked. In a short time span, all of your personal information is no longer personal. For example, online banking: you check the balance in your bank account, then your phone gets hacked; not only is that an invasion of privacy, but all of your money is now gone and you’re screwed. Also you can have put your social security number online and someone can go through your phone by means of computer and steal all your information and just run up your credit and you will be screwed in the long run yet again. When you use public wifi you might even download a malicious virus and not even know because you're like “oh, its ok, because its free”.

  • It would fullfill some people's needs of internet.

    I think it would be perfect for if cities offered free public wi-fi. It would provide for people who lack internet due to finicial reasons. City should raise little tax and provide that service. I think Internet is great source of knowledge. Some people can even work from homes on internet.

  • =Think About The Hackers!=

    I did a report for my class and I said no. There are such things as hackers! I do agree a little that we should have free public Wi-Fi but then again I don't. Just take my advice you don't want hackers hacking your personal things. If you used the cities Wi-Fi to check your bank account BOOM! There goes your money into the hacker's account. That can happen to any public Wi-Fi you use, but it would be even worse if you use the cities just because all you need to be is near the city, no password needed. Think about it would you like to be safer than sorry for your personal things. I think so.

  • Your brain will rot!

    If there is free public WiFi, people will spend more time on there phones and computers. This will raise there electric bill and cost the city money. It will also hurt there eye sight. They will spend so much time on there phone or computer that there brain will rot! That is why cities should not offer free public WiFi.

  • Cities should not have free WiFi.

    There are a lot of hackers who can hack into your account. What most users do not know is that systems like Windows XP automatically prompt the user to accept or decline connections to available wireless networks. Naturally, most users will choose to connect to the 'Free WiFi' access point, which may unknowingly connect them to a hacker's computer--a computer-to-computer connection--rather than a direct connection to the airport's official wireless access hub. Then the WiFi name will be saved in your account and whenever you go to the same place your computer will automatically go to the hacker's account.

  • Weak or no security, leading to great consequences.

    The lack of security is due to the fact that the wifi is free, the city shouldn't have to spend any money on security, therefore even the meek hackers can attack anyone, unless the individual is spending money on security hardware. The internet community could itself become a hell of hackers running lots of w.W.W. Software, making the internet dangerous. Since the free wifi is offered citywide, nobody can escape the wrath, unless they move. To move for people in poverty would be devastating for them. Then the city would be a very unpopular place for anyone, since rumour can spread quickly. Why would anyone want a city entirely to turn into an undesirable place? Just let the city do what they need when it comes to wifi. When it comes to real matters, like crap "dollar type" stores that hardly get customers popping up everywhere, or an entire stretch of four lane highway/road turning into a two lane snail massacre, debate on that guys. This message may not make much sense to you guys, but I just put out what was on my mind. Thank you for listening. -Mrmaniac3

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