• What are my taxes for?

    I would hope that my taxes goes towards helping the homeless, educating future generations and ensuring that society is a place where everyone is as safe as they can be.

    Right now, I work and pay taxes but there is no social safety net, if I lose my job I will be out on the streets,education costs a bomb and medical is still my own responsibility.Don't tell me all of the taxes are used to maintain roads and infrastructure. That's billions of dollars.

    If governments can't even take care of the homeless, then they might as well stop taxing us since we already have to take care of ourselves anyway.

  • Cities should provide subsidized housing for their homeless residents.

    Cities should provide subsidized housing for their homeless residents. They should do something to make sure that anybody that is out on the street that does not want to be there has a choice. Most of these people could go on to stable jobs and never have to be homeless again.

  • Yes, they need homes.

    Yes, I think cities should provide subsidized housing for homeless people. There should be subsidized apartments throughout every city designated for the homeless, the needy, and the elderly. The rent on these units should be income based so even the poorest would have a home. I cannot believe that our society can so easily accept and ignore the homeless.

  • Dependence on local government helps no one in the long run.

    Cities should not provide subsidized housing for their homeless residents because it creates a culture of dependence. Public and religious organizations exist to help people in these circumstances move along and get situated, and they should continue to do so. It helps no one to make them believe they can live in city-sponsored housing for free forever.

  • No, cities should not provide housing for the homeless

    While I agree that the homeless should be helped, providing subsidized housing would not be a good solution for many homeless people. Many of them are homeless by choice and would either leave a house if it were provided for them, or not take adequate care of it. There are many homeless people who could be helped by subsidized housing and it should be available for those who could make good use of it. The expansion of homeless shelters might be a better alternative for many of our homeless who really do not have a way to handle the demands that living in their own home would bring.

  • No, cities should not provide subsidized housing for their homeless.

    I do not believe that cities should provide subsidized housing for their homeless people. I think that while government funds should go towards providing shelters and food for the homeless, I think that providing housing for the homeless would be too much of a burden on tax payer money and resources.

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