• There are laws against loitering

    Most communities have laws against loitering, and for good reason. People sleeping on the streets scare residents and disturb any sense of peace. They are also potential victims of crimes and sometimes perpetrators of them. Cities should absolutely deal with anyone found sleeping on the streets. Even if punishment is too harsh, services should be rendered to help them out.

  • No, The people should punish the city!

    Nowadays, It's way, Way harder to find jobs, And the value of EVERYTHING in the UK has gone UP due to Brexit. If someone can't afford to buy a home, Then the cities should help these people, Not punish them for it. People ay also be on the streets with Mental Health and Physical Health issues and this coming Christmas it would make the world a much better place if you gave up a room or two to help someone in need.

  • Give them a home

    If you don't want homeless people on your streets give them homes. Punishing them will cost a lot more than that. If someone is sleeping on the streets it's usually because they don't have any other options not because they want to be sleeping on the streets. Give them a place to live.

  • No,cities should not punish people found sleeping in the streets.

    No,cities should not punish people found sleeping in the streets.Normally people don't sleep on the streets because they want to.There is usually some underlying problem like mental illness involved.Punishing someone with a mental illness would be like punishing someone who has a physical illness.They just really can't help their illness.

  • Don't punish the Homeless

    While it appears that the number of people sleeping on the streets is on the rise the last thing that we should consider doing is punishing them. Many of these people suffer from mental health issues and extreme poverty. We should reach out to help them as opposed to punishing them.

  • They have nowhere to go

    People sleeping on the streets have nowhere else to go and they should not be punished for being abandoned by their families and society at large. If they are moved off of the street at all, it's because the police should protect them by moving them to shelter and safety.

  • How Can They?

    I fail to see how a city can punish a person found sleeping on the streets. If a person is sleeping on the streets they are more than likely homeless. I suppose you could jail them, but they would probably consider that a favor since you're giving them a roof and maybe even a bed and a pillow.

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