Should cities with campuses open early voting poll stations even if it favors a particular political party?

  • Yes, they should.

    Early polling stations help ensure that more people can get out to vote so that the democratic process is conducted more fairly. This is particularly true in places with college campus. Students have busy schedules, and many of them do not have cars to drive where they need to go to vote.

  • Yes, the polls should open early.

    Due to the lifestyles that people lead these days, all of the electorate should be able to vote at a time that suits them. If that means opening the polls earlier than in the past, then that should be considered. This could be beneficial to both candidates, so it would be unfair to say that it might only favor one of them.

  • No favoritism should be allowed.

    It's great to have the chance for more people to get to the polls due to a poll station being open early. However, if there is clear evidence or data showing that one party is favored over another, then the early opening should not be allowed. Regardless of a person's political position, it is clear this is unfair.

  • Elections should be fair to all

    Opening early voting poll stations, when it gives one political party an advantage, is just wrong. Why even bother having campaigns at if this is the case? This is just as bad, if not worse, than voter fraud, especially if the election system knows it is occurring. What next? Legally spying on other campaigns?

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