Should citizens be able to choose how their individual tax dollars are spent?

  • In Some Way, They do

    The initial reaction to this question is one of puzzlement. One thinks "how on Earth would this work". As seen by the answers with a NO, the idea of one choosing how their individual tax dollars are spent is a crazy one. However, I would like to point out that in some way, we do choose how our tax dollars are spent by electing candidates whose political beliefs reflect ours the best. In this way, they are going to spend our tax dollars in a way that we agree with. While it's a loose interpretation of the question, I think it's an argument that can be made.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • We should be able to choose what are tax goes tore.

    Some people disagree with some things that are tax goes t words.So if we cant choose what we want to do with are tax then it may go t words things that we do knot like.Such as drugs.People we may knot like.So this is my reason why i think we should choose on what are tax goes t words.

  • We'd learn appreciation and accountability

    I thought of such an idea years ago and didn't know if it was in the public forum. There is such a convoluted path from my tax return to my federal benefits that the connection gets lost. If the tax-and-spend pathway were clear and direct, I'd have much greater appreciation for the fact that my contribution is coming back to me. Otherwise, paying tax feels like throwing money into a black hole. It's likely that certain programs may start out under- or over-funded, but those errors would soon become clear and would get corrected. I don't know about you, but this would get me a lot more engaged in the civic system. I think we would learn a collective lesson by being held accountable for our public spending.

  • People are answering a different question

    The question - "Should citizens be able to choose how their tax dollars are spent?" is a valid and important question. I would hope most people in the U.S. would answer "In an ideal World, more freedom of choice is always better than less". However, the question people on this forum seem to be answering is "Can we trust the people to decide where to spend tax dollar and can we trust the government to manage the process efficiently?". Two different (perhaps) more complex questions. If you are worried your people are ignorant you should educate them. If you are worried your government is flawed you should change the way your government works.

  • A dollar is a Vote you idiot

    You vote with currency every day. I mean come on, who do you think carries the biggest clout in Washington (here is a hint: they are not selfless monks)

    Our government is inefficient, but with inefficiencies come opportunities, and by this I mean economic exploitation for your own personal gain.

  • No, it would be a disaster.

    While there are certainly good people in the country, there are many, many more who simply do not care about many of the important things tax money goes toward. If people were allowed to choose, there would be serious deficits in certain things, such as social care and education, and there would still be people complaining even with the new system.

  • No, they should not.

    Although the idea of leaving discretion of tax spending up to the ones paying the taxes seems like it gives citizens control of the government, in reality, the lack of coordination would leave some important but less-well-known issues underfunded and would vastly over-fund certain political issues that are usually in the headlines. The way to have control over tax money is via voting, which allows for a coordination of spending over which taxpayers still retain a degree of control.

  • No They Should Not

    This would be a complete mess and headache to manage, not to mention that not everything that needs funding would receive it. The representation system may be flawed but it is still the best option we have for controlling tax money. Putting the control in the hands of the individual citizens would be highly problematic and difficult to manage.

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