• Guns should be allowed for self-protection and hunting.

    Citizens should be allowed own the types of firearms that are typically used for hunting. Hunting is a long standing tradition in the United States that is associated with the gathering of food, which a valuable skill that should not be allowed to become extinct due to firearms laws. Also, citizens should be able to purchase weapons appropriate for self-protection in the event of an emergency. Citizens should not, however, be permitted to bear military style assault weapons.

  • Yes, it is a constitutional right to bear arms for citizens

    According to the constitution, the government cannot stop citizens from purchasing and keeping firearms in their possession. Some of the founding fathers of the U.S. believed that a government should be scared of its people, not the other way around. On a global scale, humans should be allowed to have the option of using guns to protect themselves, as there are others in the world with weapons.

  • Yes, citizens should be allowed to bear arms, but with limitations.

    People take the phrase bear arms to the extreme, believing it allows them to carry assault weapons and even military grade arms against their own neighbors. A simple baseball bat might better suffice and prevent unnecessary deaths when children find guns in homes. Citizens should have the right to protect themselves and their families, but with limitations.

  • The Second Amendment allows the right to bear arms.

    The Second Amendment gives American citizens the right to bear arms. They should be allowed to bear arms to be able to protect their property and families. However, the right should be limited for use in protection, rather than aggression. A good compromise would be that concealed weapons should be banned due to their use in crimes, but weapons large enough that they can be easily seen in public should be allowed.

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