Should citizens be allowed to purchase high capacity gun clips?

  • Its our right

    to have equal to the current military to protect ourselves against our government if they overstep their boundaries. Outlawing it would be giving them the right to control us at gun point with no opposition. It may sound outrageous, but what if it came to that. What if we had another country invade us? are we going to attack them 10 rounds at a time? high capacity is also a relative term. Maybe you think 1 round is high capacity but to me it would be closer to 1000 rounds. Outlawing guns or ammo or clips isnt going to make crime go down. The only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

  • As others have indicated

    It is the right of the people to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves and out States. It only makes sense that we would have the right to carry and to defend ourselves with the very kinds of weapons we are most likely to have to defend ourselves against.

  • There isn't a point

    Only soldiers need these high capacity clips. And what do they use them for? You guessed right killing other people. Why do civilians need these high capacity clips other than killing. The biggest reason that people carry guns is for hunting and a true marksman only needs one to two shots to take down what they are hunting so why do they need high capacity clips

  • High capacity gun clips are not needed for any valid use of a gun.

    The public has no need for high capacity gun clips, they are dangerous and should be banned. Unless you're securing a hill or taking a beach, you do not need to own a clip that holds that much ammunition, and the only possible use for it is mass killings. They should be yanked off the shelves today.

  • That's off the table

    There's no valid claim for needing them in this society. If you want to take your gun to a gun range and shoot at a target, that's fine. But sorry, the way this is trending, you're going to have to reload a lot. This has been ruined for you, this cannot keep happening.

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