Should citizens be allowed to video and audio record law enforcement?

Asked by: AngstChrist
  • Citizens should be allowed to video and audio record law enforcement.

    If citizens can video and audio record law enforcement, it will guarantee that they are behaving in a proper and lawful way. We will all be safer if the police are also being watched. If there is no way to monitor the police, they could be brutal with impunity and people would have no way to protect themselves.

  • Yes, Recording Law Enforcement Keeps Them Honest

    It is important that people be able to record law enforcement. If the police weren't doing anything wrong, they would have nothing to fear from being video and/or audio recorded, however most instances where the police have complained about recordings have been when they have done something wrong, often something harmful, illegal or dishonest. Police are allowed to use video and audio recordings to monitor everyone, so they should not be exempt from this, and allowing them to exempt themselves promotes corruption, dishonesty and sometimes violence.

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