• Citizens should not be forced

    Citizens should not be forced to vote by issuing them a fine if they do not participate. Muck of the population is so uninformed that it is probably beneficial that they do not vote. Also, it might be a good idea to make a la that a person must pay income taxes in order to vote.

  • Should be fined

    Political parties need somebody to to vote and appeal for them to be in the parliament of f there is no fine less people will vote and the political parties will not get support they needed then it would be very hard to judge who is the most suitable to lead the country

  • Being FIned Isint Okay

    The United Sates of America has no way to fine you for your choice of voting. It is none of there business in the first place. People have already proved that our votes do not count. The people of the United States should not be fined for not voting! Maybe someone just cant make it or have time to vote. They should not be charged for something that they cant or do not want to do.

  • Just because it is a right, Does not mean it needs to be exercised.

    Nobody should be forced to vote, It is a right and a privilege, And it does not need to be exercised. It is our right to bear arms as well. Should we make people buy guns as well? It is our right to assemble. Should we be forced to assemble? The logic supporting forcing citizens to vote is heavily flawed.

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  • Exercising your right to vote is a choice- but don't complain when you're not willing to make a change

    Compulsory voting will not work in the US because the penalties will not be stringent enough. For example, in Brasil if you don't vote then you can't work for the government or receive government benefits. This country would never attach that to the nations welfare system. Also, illegals can't vote and it is already unlawful to deny them government benefits. Complaints of diversity among candidates as being a reason not to vote is stupid. If at all, I think it's a reason to vote. It would encourage more diverse candidates and the larger the turnout the more you silence superpac influence. But, diversity criers need to vote on issues and stances rather than color. Also, our Federal government is too big and thumping over state laws and influence. Compulsory voting might increase bullying type of laws being passed at the federal level. The democrats have most to gain by compulsory. Obama represents a diverse candidate elected into leadership. Since his popularity is all. It gone among those citizens who foot the bill for his ideas, it will be a while before we most likely see a Democrat or a diverse candidate of his magnitude.

  • Its individuals choice

    Rights are a choice to people to use them or not and voting is a right, not a duty.Fine is nothing but a punishment for violating others right and I don't see any violation of right in not voting.In the Indian constitution there is no such law to punish or pay fine for not using your right and thus I feel there should be no fine for not voting.

  • To be fined for not voting is dumb

    People should have the right to make the choice if they want to vote or not. It doesn't mean they don't want to vote but some might not have the technology or transportation to vote. I am a 100% percent with the opposition side. Think about the circumstances of others.

  • No, citizens should not be fined for not voting.

    If a citizen must be fined for voting than that citizen probably did not care much about politics to begin with, so to avoid a fine they would vote, but I highly doubt it would be anything close to an informed or educated vote. I would rather have less people voting if it meant they actually were engaging in civics rather that a mass of uninformed people decided the fate of my country.

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