• Protection, Intimidation, Fun

    Protection- Say guns are banned in the U.S. You are walking down a street and a thief with a pistol comes around an alley corner 15 feet away. What are you going to do? Charge him? If the people were not allowed to carry guns, then only the bad people would have guns.

    Intimidation- You never hear about a shooting at a gun show or a police headquarters. That is because if a terrorist walked into the Reliant Center during the NRA gun show, before he would have a chance to bring his weapon all the way up he would be riddled with rounds of all shapes and sizes. The bad people know this. That is why you never hear about robberies at a police station or Gun Show.

    Fun- If you have never shot a gun, then you would not know how fun it is. I shoot at least 500 rounds of ammunition down range every 3 days. People collect firearms as a hobby. They keep the economy running. If citizens couldn't have guns then who would hunt for you? If a man breaks into your house with a gun and he sees you, what are you going to do? Ask him to wait while you call the police to come and protect you? I ask that you think very deeply about my three points before your final decision.

  • Stop and Think

    Us as citizens think guns should be banned because of specific crimes are just robbery and murder, but we need to think about if we are in the situation when our life on the line. I guest 80% of the people would use the gun and majority of those people who be the people who think guns should be banned.

  • I think yes people should have guns.

    What would you do if someone you don't know came up and tried to kidnap you and you had no self defense. I think that people should be able to carry guns in public. I think that you it least should have a contract to have a gun in public because people should be flailing around guns. In my opinion people 20+ should be allowed to carry guns.

  • It is your constitutional right, and for good reason.

    It is written into the bill of rights that the "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". There are 3 primary reasons for this.

    1. Defense of liberty from governmental tyranny

    Governments at one point or another will become corrupt. The first thing most governments gone tyrannical do to suppress the populous is to take away their firearms as it is the best way for the populous to fight back when all else fails. The 2nd amendment was created to ensure that the government knew they would meet very stiff resistance if they were to ever forcibly take the rights of the populous away.

    2. Defense of liberty from foreign tyranny

    There is always a threat that you can be invaded by another country (whether or not another country is bold enough to invade the mainland US today is another topic entirely). If they are marching through the streets to your homes, guns will be the best tool to use to repel them as far as citizens go. Countries have actually refrained from commencing a land invasion of the mainland US for this very reason in part.

    3. Personal defense from criminals.

    This is the most commonly exercised of the 3. Criminals will break into your home or attack you in the streets. The easiest way to prevent them from harming you is a bullet from your gun. You can call the police, but by the time they get there you may already be dead. It takes time for them to get to you, and most situations you would need to act immediately.

    There is a reason we as Americans carry firearms. It is our right to defend ourselves and our families from any danger.

  • Yes ok s

    Like someone could like try to stab you so ya gotta defend yourself because you could be killed like ya gotta protect yourself if someone tries to kill ya I mean no person should just let that happen when ya can save yourself that's my opinion sighned ecr well by

  • Yes ok s

    Like someone could like try to stab you so ya gotta defend yourself because you could be killed like ya gotta protect yourself if someone tries to kill ya I mean no person should just let that happen when ya can save yourself that's my opinion sighned ecr well by

  • Guns are fine

    Yeah I like guns guns are good they can scare of kid nappers and white vans yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh and you can rob banks you know get some money by more guns become a terrorist ggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssss are very good yep yep yep I like guns guns like me and im happyyy inbfhiqebgijbijbibfvjddjvur1vrivbvjkviveriebvb

  • People should have guns

    I think people should have them for self defense because they reduce aggravated assaults by 7%, murder by 8.5%, robberies by 3% and rapes by 5%. The police misuses their weapons 11% of the time while armed citizens misuse them 2% of the time. Every three out of five polled felons said that they wouldn't mess with an armed victim.


  • Shooting for every single thing?

    I say that people should not be allowed to carry guns because then for every little thing they would take their gun out a can scare someone or even kill them. So let’s say that your family member had called the furnace fixer and didn't report you that they would be coming. So then they arrive and enter your house. You will probably think that they are something like a robber then all you will know is that you have to take your gun out and then you have to kill them. You will end up killing them and will not know who they really were. But the fact is that you have just killed someone that was just doing their job. That is why I say that people should not be given the permit to carry guns. If people were give hand guns then they would be killing so many people. Also it is known that people with handguns have killed a dozen of cops along with 428 civilians were killed. So that’s why permits for handguns shouldn't be given the people.

  • Yes guns should be allowed.

    I it as a law you could not be allowed bad people do not follow the law right? So you would not have any defense. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. If you are playing in your yard while your dad is washing the car and a bad person comes running down the street, MY dad would carry a gun around with him things would not be so bad'cause you would have defense.

  • That will lead to chaos.

    If citizens were allowed to carry guns that will lead to chaotic anarchy. Giving guns to citizens for protection is like adding gas to the fire. What would they need protection from?Other citizens with guns? Guns are serious tools that need to be given to only people who are qualified to carry them. Guns can kill basically it.

  • Should =/= should be able to.

    While I support that citizens should be able to own guns and apply for concealed carry permits. I do not believe that every citizen should carry a gun. Many of us do not want to be armed at all times, and do not have to live in such a paranoid society that would believe such a thing. Given the high irrationality of many every day people (see the man that pulled a gun and shot someone in the leg at a grocery store, and the several cases of people using them in during black friday shopping), it would not be beneficial to society at all for them all to be walking around armed (especially during rush hour traffic).

    Also, considering the fact that gun violence in America kills about 33,000 people a year compared to a pathetic only 260 justified homicides (killing someone in self defense) in 2011, shows that while the wet dream of using a gun for self defense may make sense, in reality, it is very rare, and you are far more likely to kill yourself (or have one of your family members kill themselves) then actually pull it on a bad guy. And that there is a clear inverse correlation in 1st world countries between gun ownership and murder rates, and this inverse correlation is also present when applied to all 50 states.

    When Australia greatly restricted guns in 1996, they saw a 35% drop in gun related murders in the five years after the law compared to the 5 years before the law. So guns should be allowed, but heavily regulated to make sure they are only in the hands of responsible and trained people.

  • No, the murder rate increases.

    People can defend themselves better, but they can also kill each over easily. Over 20% have guns.
    The cost of selling guns is also big as well. Much money is put into it. The types of guns should be limited. We do not want people walking round with a machine gun. If someone want one, they need a licence.

  • Well of Course Not

    Lets all slow down and think about American guns laws compared to those of other first world countries, in the vast majority of first world country's it is completely illegal to carry a gun, especially assault rifles and military grade weaponry. Lets look at Germany for example, a country which works perfectly in most ways, it has almost 200 gun deaths a year, a population of 80 million and guns are of course illegal. Now lets look at the United States of America, which has a grand total of 10,000 yearly gun deaths, a population of about 320 million and guns are legal. If we do the maths we can see that the USA has four times the population of Germany and so should have four times the gun deaths, yet the USA does not have 800 gun deaths a year, instead it has 10,000! Now don't bother saying its because America has a violent history, because Germany massacred millions of people in World War 2. The answer is guns, guns are legal in America and easily obtainable, if guns were to be banned I'm sure many people would be angry and there would be riots but eventually there would be less deaths by guns and it might just save over 9,000 people every year. Things must be done for the greater good sometimes, for short term instability is worth the price of long term stability. Now come on USA and join the civilized nations club!

  • Citizens shouldn't be able to carry guns

    In my opinion carrying a gun is wrong, the reason i think it's wrong because allowing people to carry a gun is putting many lives in danger. Some people argue that the gun is carried for protection but we can protect more people in a better way if no one carried a gun. In my opinion carrying a gun is never justified because that gun is only being carried to be used at some point and in my opinion that's not right or justifiable in anyway.

  • It's too dangerous

    Guns kill, how scary to have people carrying them around. Human beings are by nature often impulsive, easily angered and impatient. It wouldn't take much for an angry unthinking person to reach for their gun and kill another in a thoughtless moment. I can't see any reason why they would be needed.

  • Person with a gun has an initial advantage over and unarmed person

    Firstly, person with a gun has initial advantage over the person without firearm. This questions equality between people within egalitarian society.

    Secondly, the judgement in conflict situation is very individual. In the same situation, two people can assess the 'threat' differently and make subjective decisions to use a gun or not. Firing a gun, could be unnecessary and depend personal educational, cultural, emotional state.

  • I believe that people should not be able to carry a gun on them.

    I believe that people should not be able to carry a gun on them. Most people believe that if your state says it is legal to carry a gun, that will raise the amount of violence in the state. You could be walking and accidentally bump someone and they could think you did it on purpose and they could pull a gun out and shoot you . Not all people who cause a crime that involves a gun gets caught before they injure or kill more people. I believe that people should be able to carry a gun on them. What if you stand in one state in kill someone in another. What I mean is that you are standing on the border of iowa and you see someone on the border of mississippi, you shoot them. People are going to be looking in Iowa for the killer. Carrying guns would help protect you loved ones. Last year there was a home break in where man 1 heard a intruder and shot man 2 but man 2 did not stop. Man 2 attacked Man 1. Man 2 got a hold of the gun and shot man 1. Man 2 grabbed man 1’s money and ran away from the scene. Man 2 was later found and arrested. Both men were hospitalized and were expected to survive the injury. That is a reason people should be able to carry guns and a reason why we shouldn’t be able to carry guns. Some people believe that you shouldn't have a gun shop within 5 miles of any school-related building or a park.

  • Noo noo noo

    No ,because people kill people because they think they can and we have people just don't think its like really you kill some over what money,just because you don't like them they did something to one of your friend like we need to stop making gun so people cant kill and cops kill people for nothing i get if someone has a gun and turn around and it look like they are going yo kill you. That all i have to say

  • Because people could shoot people for no reason

    No because some adults or teens carry guns and shoot innocent people thinking it is fun.Also people should only carry guns if needed like if there was a armed person in a store keeping people hostage you can pull out your gun and shoot them.Which is called self def fence

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