Should citizens in the United States be banned from possessing assault weapons?

  • Tin Foil Hat Wearing Morons desire assault weapons to defend against potentially tyrannical governments.

    However I think they forget Americans live in a liberal democracy, therefore if they deem the Government becoming too authoritarian then all they have to do is go to the ballet box.

    What's more is that if the government were oppressing the the populace to such an extent that civil unrest were to breakout then a military coup would more than likely precede any actions undertaken by an armed militia (even negate the requirement).

    As a Non-US citizen I can't fathom why US citizens feel they need assault rifles. I mean, come on, a largely domesticated and untrained populace couldn't defend against a technologically advanced war machine, even if it tried. The US has been at domestic peace for far too long to suggest a militia, of the correct experience and hardship, exists to be effective against Government forces (i.E. The US population has been devoid of tactical armed civil conflict therefore unable to produce veterans capable of combating organised governmental tyranny).

    Pro assault rifle people tend to cite the fact that more homicides are committed using hand guns than assault rifles but neglect to aknowledge that more mass murders are committed using assault rifles than hand guns.

    I would suggest handgun homicides are typically between rival factions; due to roberries; or, at least, committed by someone known to the victim, whereas; assault rifle murders' are typically committed by a psychopath indiscriminately targeting strangers. I think the reason assault rifles should be banned is one of damage limitation, plain and simple.

  • No need for citizens to own such weapons.

    Either you are a hunter, or a target shooter, or a collector. The modern assault rifle fills none of these roles. I own firearms and belong to the NRA. I grew up with firearms, and owned my first firearm at age 13. I think gun owners should distance themselves from this nonsense.

  • Yes, they should be banned

    Assault weapons are made to kill. If the streets of America are filled with these weapons, the homicide rate would increase. These types of guns are used in war by the military and they have no place in people's homes. Many might argue that they are useful in self-defense, but however, if there are no guns in they first place, what do you have to protect yourself from???

  • Use fists not bullets ...

    If you must defend yourself then learn to "fight"! If the United States is such a dangerous place to live, where you constantly need to be on your guard and must protect yourself ... then move! There are plenty of countries that don't allow guns and are that much safer! Think of how much money you'd save on ammunition too ...

  • Guns kill people

    Guns kill people all around the U.S. Stronger laws prohibiting assault rifles will help reduce the crime rates in cites like Chicago and New York. Every day in one of these cities, someone is shot and killed. Police do as much as they can, but crime rates keep going up due to the high availability of assault rifles.

  • Yes, it definitely should.

    A person doesn't NEED an assault weapon! I personally believe that we don't need ANY guns, but since i'm sort of an extremist at times, I'm willing to compromise, and I think since we have absolutely no need for them, we should not be allowed to have them!!! The U.S. has an uncommonly high death rate by guns, and it is crazy! The second amendment was originally made so that militias would be able to form if the entire government crashed into the dirt, but since the world has changed and our government could kill us all anyway if they wanted to (no hicks with guns can stop the government from creating a dictatorship if they wanted to) so since there is nothing we would ever be able to do about it anyway, let's save lives and ban assault weapons! The US has one of the highest gun death rates, and incidentally, we also have the most guns per people in the whole freaking world. Coincidence? I think not. People think that the number of homicides would not go down if we banned assault weapons, but I beg to differ. Killing with a knife takes a lot more drive and a lot more determination than killing with a gun. Killing with poison takes a lot more intelligence and planning than killing with a gun. It is easiest to just kill a person with a gun, and a lot of prospective murderers would be daunted at having to physically drive a knife into another human being. Not all people have the stomach for that, and I believe the homicide count would definitely drop if we just banned assault weapons.

  • Why do you need one?

    There is no reason to have an assault weapon in your home. Period. They are used for killing mass amounts of people, not protection, not hunting, just murder. A normal hand gun cannot do the same amount of damage so quickly. There is simply no reason that a household should have one.

  • They serve no purpose.

    Nobody needs these machine guns. My God, I watched a movie the other night and the fella must have shot for 5 full minutes. He had bullets all wrapped around him just horrible. People were flying back 10 or 20 feet. Lets get them of the street. The damage he did in that movie made me scared.

  • This isnt protection, this is expectation.

    A handgun is enough to protect you and satisfies your second amendment rights. Nobody is talking about banning all guns so stop using that as an argument. Weapons for protection should never be banned because america needs to protect itself from within, but weapons for war should never be in the hands of the people because all it does is create a warzone in america that harms eachother and kills our children. Keep your firearms, but you dont need weapons of war

  • Yarp.

    I support our 2nd amendment rights, but there is a certain extent to which they should be regulated. Most of the mass murders are caused from automatic weapons. People still have the right to bear arms, but automatic ones are completely unnecessary and dangerous. Ban assault weapons, or more people will be killed.

  • The 2nd Amendment Arms You Against Tyrannical Government.

    250 years ago the British forces fought with muskets, pistols and swords. The people (patriots) fought against the government with like weapons. The 2nd amendment allows the people to arm themselves in like fashion. If you throw a rock, I am throwing a rock. If you shoot an arrow, I am going to shoot an arrow. If you point an AK47 at me, I will do the same in return. Remember our history.

  • My god given right

    It is my god given right to defend myself and my family and it is my DUTY to defend the Constitution of The United States. All those who oppose this are the enemy of freedom. Do you not see that this country is crumbling before your very eyes? My eyes have been opened.

  • Hitler Did the Same Thing

    Before Hitler took over his country with the Nazis he banned firearms. He wanted the people to be weak so he could take advantage of them easily. Our constitution was made to protect our rights and decisions not limit them. It is our decision and right to own powerful firearms.

  • What if our country goes to war, US in invaded and citizens become the target!

    What makes anyone think this could not happen? Sure, we would have the military but there would be so much chaos that they would not be able to keep everyone safe. I don't know about you but I certainly would not want to only have a pistol to protect my self with when the enemy is shooting at me with "assault weapons". As far as keeping kids safe it's as simple as educating them about the firearm's dangerous potential and how to properly handle it, but also to keep it stored in a safe. Keeping the firearm in a safe will also reduce the chance it will be stolen and used for illegal purpose.

  • their's a reason why it's the second amenndment

    The right to bear arms against all threats foreign and domestic. We as Americans must carry out this duty to protect us, our family, our property, and our nation. Besides if a fucking lunatic wants to kill a bunch of people it doesn't matter if their's a law to try and stop him.

  • Only the mentally insane ones.

    Face it. No one who abides by the law, is mentally sound and owns an AR15 has ever killed anyone. All these mass murders happen at the hands of psychos. What a psycho does, should not dictate what good citizens do. Yes you can use an AR15 to hunt, we use them and their 30 round magazines to kill hogs that would destroy our crops. They've also been used for defence against multiple armed home invaders. The feelings and emotions of sad people should not dictate my rights which are clearly protected by the constitution

  • Gun Rights Must Be Respected.

    An assault weapons ban could very well lead to even worse consequences. A black market would probably be formed and armed robberies could go up. A shotgun is slower than a assault weapon, so the robber could easily shoot the person before he could shoot. Plus, lawful citizens will obey the rule, proving that not every person with a gun is crazy.

  • My gun my right no debate!

    I haven't broken any laws, done nothing wrong, bought everything legally, have been trained, never had any kind of trouble so why should I give up my rights because of someone else? by this logic all you people with children should give them up because people molest children, so you must be going to molest children. the constitution was setup to protect the rights of the individual, not the masses, not the politicians, not business.

  • The government has no authority to ban any form of weapon from citizens.

    The Second Amendment makes this explicitly clear. THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. This means in ANY way. We fought and died for freedom. And we needed guns to end the tyranny of Britain. The way the U.S. is headed now? We need them again.

  • Firearms are not just for home defense, hunting, and target practice..

    They are the last defense against tyrany. And if that happens I want to be armed to the teeth! That's why the 2nd amendment was written. Besides, guns of any kind are just tools. Someone has to have a goal and physically pull the trigger for it to do anything. You don't blame spoons for making people fat do you? Guns arent the problem, our death/violence worshipping society is. Start fixing that because laws will never keep the deranged from commiting atrocities. If someone wants to carry out some horrible act, they will find some tool to do so. If more responsible people carried guns, it would make the odds more balanced. In any case, try taking my guns and you are going to have to pry them from my dead hands.

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Anonymous says2013-02-15T15:58:33.800
If we can have Implants, Lamborghinis, Tattoos, Piercings and freedom of sexual preferences and religion! a rifle is just another one of mans toys.
A citizen of a country with nuclear powered subs full of nuclear tipped missiles should be able to own a rifle. least on their own property
IMHO we should have full rights to do what we want to do on our own property and everyone should go talk to your neighbors NOW.
Anonymous says2013-03-19T19:16:09.120
This is a very interesting debate but I feel compelled to correct what seems to be a common error: The correct statement is "the right to BEAR arms," not the right to wear sleeveless or short sleeved garments.
Anonymous says2013-03-21T23:15:34.630
80% of gun violence is caused by firearms
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-20T12:48:47.037
To the first anon.... What makes you think we have freedom of sexual preference and religion? Sure, people say you have those freedoms but not really. Normally it is just "You can be what ever sexual preference, and you can worship any god you choose, but if you aren't a straight Christian then you are going to be ridiculed and bullied for as long as you aren't one."
Anonymous says2013-05-20T16:29:21.807
The second amendments states that we have the right to bear arms. Taking one type of gun is only a slow start to taking all guns from the public. The people have a right to defend themselves from harm foreign and domestic.
TheRealistRepublican says2013-07-01T18:43:41.207
What part of "Shall not be infringed" does the federal government not understand?
Shadowguynick says2013-07-02T22:20:28.333
Um, if any of you people bothered to learn about the constitution you would know that the 2nd amendment was implanted as a way to easily gather an army in times of emergency since the country was very small and had essentially no army or navy to defend itself with. I fully support the right to own guns. And I myself would love to own an assault rifle. But I think that we should only be able to use them for when you go to the target range. I mean, when else would you use it? It's no good for hunting (that's why you have a hunting rifle) and defense is rather overkill. I mean, the whole point of an assault rifle is to kill. That's what they are made for. They're made for war. A handgun can defend you easily. And is rather easier. It's lighter, loads less recoil, and easier to pull out in an emergency. I really wish that we would stop arguing about which to support, and find a compromise. We don't need to take away assault rifles, but we can't let there be no restrictions.
shumpty says2014-01-13T02:57:49.517
I think you should have right to bear arms but assault rifles are completely unnecessary. The whole reason they were made was for war, TO KILL. I get you americans think its cool to have an assault rifle, i do too but not when people use them for mass murders. Get rid of assault rifles and large clips and the gun murder rate will drastically decrease and yes you gun addicted americans are still able to go to the gun range and shoot.
EthicsPhilosopher says2014-03-07T14:24:25.957
Yes. 80 percent of violence is caused by firearms...

But. That is because of the stupid people. The smart people, the ones who have guns for self defense, can kill the supid gun-wielding murderers.

And they can save a lot of lives.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people...
NedStarkshead says2014-05-03T15:13:22.160
The Second Amendment, like the First and Fourth Amendments, codified a pre-existing right. The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it “shall not be infringed.”]his is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.It is ridiculous that people only focus on this when all our other right are really being taken from us