• The current system is corrupted.

    Election laws restrict choices, issues, the ability for many people to vote. Over time, political elites and special interest groups have crippled democracy by disenfranchising voters through subtle yet effect means. People become disengaged with the process and don't want to participate in a rigged game where they always lose. If the incentive is a direct exchange of money for a vote, no. If the incentive is an award for public participation at a polling precinct, I see no harm in that.

  • Thanks For The Sticker

    I was originally going to say no, but then I remembered the nice shiny sticker I get every time I vote. That is kind of an incentive, my child really like the fact that he came with me and we ended up with stickers, so in an essence that is kind of like an incentive. Thanks for the sticker America!

  • No incentives for a public duty

    They should absolutely not. It is every ones right and privilege to vote. They should not feel obligated or anything like that. Plus if you give an incentive people may start voting just because of the incentive and they will have no knowledge of any of the participants and then someone that should not have been voted it could be.

  • No, I don't think citizens should receive an incentive for voting.

    While providing an incentive to vote would certainly get more people to vote in elections I think the practice is very poor overall, a large number of people don't pay attention to elections at all and know very little about the stances of the different candidates but if you provided an incentive to vote they will vote anyway, so uninformed voters would be dominating elections like never before.

  • Voting is a privelage

    One thing as Citizens that we should not take for granted is Voting. In no way shape or form should we be given incentives in order to vote. We have a duty to vote as this is our voice for the government and as the people. It is a privelage and we should understand that and not take it for granted.

  • No more incentive is needed

    Citizens do not need an incentive for voting. All this does is encourage people to vote against their wishes and wills, and will ensure that people who are willingly sitting out the election because of unfamiliarity and lack of education about the candidates and issues go ahead and cast votes anyway.

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