• Yes, they should be

    If we are going to have democratic systems around the world, every politician needs to be elected directly by the citizens over which they plan to govern. Of course, democracy is flawed because many people are uninformed, but this really is the essence of the democratic election. The people vote.

  • Yes: City Mayors Should Be Directly Elected

    If you are to base the argument on the assumption that the system we currently work within is at least partially functional, then it would only make sense to say that mayors should be directly elected. Accountability has to be enforced, and if mayors are simply appointed or put in place by some other means like an electoral college, then individuals are cut out of the democratic process. This is not the proper way to run a democracy.

  • Yes, city mayors should be directly elected.

    In order for our republic to be a true expression of indirect democracy, city mayors should be directly elected. They should not be appointed by any other body, nor should election of mayors count on obscure and strange voting laws that are completed outdated. City mayors should be directly elected. This would be the best expression of our republic.

  • Yes City Mayors should be directly elected

    I think the time and resources wasted on stuff like preliminaries and junk and then the transition period are so costly to tax payers. It would be better if could have ONE election. And then have the mayor that is elected, immediately start his new job instead of waiting two or three months. You wouldn't have to do that in any other job. Why should a mayor be treated any differently.

  • Yes, in cities every citizen should have a voice

    Democracy should always be as direct as possible. Nations
    use representative democracy because their populations are too large to allow
    every citizen to speak for himself or herself in government matters. There
    would not be time or space for it. However, cities are small enough, most of
    them, that every citizen who chooses to speak can be heard.

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