• Yes, but video

    Although it it is well and good that people be able to get along with each other, it is becoming increasingly apparent that people need to learn to need to know how to interphase with technology. Video games are good training for that. And when computers take over and rule the world, will need to follow their instructions in order to survive. May the force be with us.

  • Civics are Important

    It is important that children in school gain some basic fundamental understanding of civics. While it may not be as important as other subjects like math or English, civics help students and children understand the way the local government functions. It is important for children to have some sense of the local political world.

  • Offered, but not mandatory

    Civics can be a very challenging thing to learn; however, I think this subject should be available for students to take at school, but not a "must have". There are certain kids out there who naturally gifted and can easily pick up on Civics, while others may simply not be interested.

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