• Yes to Clan Wars!

    Clan wars are the only fair fights in the game. The algorithm used to determine war matchups rates each sides offense and defense to find a clan with a similar (not exact) rating. I find the wars challenging and don't require any money to be spent to win. Simply upgrade your offense ahead of your defense and don't upgrade the Town Hall until EVERYTHING is upgraded to maximum. Remember that a perfect war account will not be a great farming account. The main complaint people have in wars is that they are too difficult, which is true if you are used to farming extremely weak bases, where the people have quit playing and you are 10 times more powerful.

  • Build yourself up for what?

    What is the point of building your self up if you do not have the ability to use it? The game gets pretty boring if all you do is attack someone weak, take their resources, and build stuff.

    War Craft/Start Craft were some of the best games ever, Why? Because you had to fight!

  • Look at all the loot.

    Farmers want LOOT and even though they need to switch up their attack, whats the outcome? LOOT. Clan wars are overall FUN and give a greater meaning to clans. This also encourages people to start or join clans because of the loot you get from clan wars. There is nothing wrong.

  • Yes but it needs a rank system!

    Wars are what u farm and build for ..To win ! The loot spent usually out weighs the loot won! This would be ok if we were given some sort of rank like the trophy ranking system. Leauges are based on clan size and strength and wins move u up in those leagues like trophies

  • Clan wars are a blast!!

    Just recently got enough members in our clan to wage our first war and I've never seen the members so enthusiastic! As soon as I started it, everyone took to chat wondering what to do to help our team achieve victory. Strategy was discussed and troops were donated accordingly. A sense of purpose was refreshing! Matchmaking is NOT based on trophies but rather army sizes and troop, as well as defense and spell, levels. All worked out to a very tight and exciting war. I suppose back to back to back wars would get old which is why it's not an everyday event but rather once or twice a week thing. It is just a game after all...

  • How can you have a Clash of Clans without Clan Wars?

    Clan Wars encourages team building, collaboration, and teamwork. The Clans whose members socialize best with others, compare notes on various tactics and items, and organize their donations and attacks on battle day, have a huge advantage over those Clans that don't.

    You really couldn't get as much of the above, in just single player mode.

  • Coc clan wars πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Coc clan wars is amazing! It gives other people chances to get loot. There isn't any need that they need to remove it! It wouldn't run off any people! I was actually looking forward to clan wars! Now it's here I'm very happy. This is actually a good thing for coc

  • Clan wars = ppl working together more as a REAL clan

    I think working together as a clan Is more important than just donating troops. There isnt really much in Clash of Clans where we all are together working. This way the clan aspect will be more strong and we can really be a powerful clan. GO GO CLAN WARS! !

  • Clash of clans should have clan wars

    I don't know I think it needs additional items. And it's cool clans attacking clans I think that's what clash of clans need CLAN WARS!!!!! LOL and we need clan wars because when u attack clans maybe your clan members will get some resources I wish
    Thanx and goodbye

  • CoC should have clan wars

    Clash of clans should have clan wars because tons of people would have a lot of fun getting free resources without the risk of their own resources and trophies being lost because the resources and trophies that u get after clan wars comes from nowhere and for the people who don't want to spend time on preparation days should join a clan or make his own that doesn't do clan wars. CLAN WARS BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Destroying many clans!

    My clan was amazing, just perfect before clan wars. Everyone was active, donating, and the game was a lot of fun. Now with clan wars in place, we lose most of them. Many members have left who have been with us for years. Everyone who joins loses their attacks and many blame it on me (I can't attack for them!). The game isn't even that fun anymore because I have the large amount of stress to fix why we lose. I have tried so many different ways to start winning again but not one has worked. Supercell destroyed, what were, many good and active clans before clan wars.

  • It ruined the game for me

    I was an extremely active farming player, in a clan which I had been in for nearly 2 years. When wars came it ruined it, my clan started requiring activity in war and we lost nearly every single one. The leaders started to blame everyone else for the losses and would kick if you didn't do well or participate. I hate being required to partake in wars by every clan I have seen since I was kicked out of the one I had been in for almost 2 YEARS. If I could find a clan that doesn't war I might want to play again or if they made an opt out feature but until then it isn't a fun casual game for me anymore

  • Forced Participation, Awful Matching and A Reason to Quit the Game Altogether

    I was in a clan with a bunch of friends. It was fun to read all of the posts and share troops to help loot or level up. I had to take a break from the clan, after clan wars was added, for a bit because of a project that consumed all of my time. I recently went back to the clan upon learning there was only one war a week now. I stayed for 3 extremely lopsided matched wars where we lost badly. All of the leaders were blaming the clan members for lack of participation and attack strategy. I argued the point that the battles were mismatched and people are afraid to attack because they know they won't get any stars. I got pushback from the leaders, my personal friends, and that's when I realized I needed to quit Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is not worth resentment begween friends.

  • Losing wars sucks

    I am in a no war clan. Wars should be a superfluous aside where no resources are spent and there is nothing to lose. Losing a war is a huge waste of time, and winning is, eh... Nice. Any element of a game you play that brings excitement to a halt and feels like frustrating work is not fun

  • Game was better before they started Clan Wars

    Eventhough im in a good clan and we win all our wars they should stop it. Reason why we always win is that we have maxed out bases at any TH lvl. Plus half of our wars have come against inactive clans. Not fun going against people that dont play. Loot is nowhere near to what i spend on making troops for myself,CC war defense and the CC to attack.

  • Don't Enjoy Clan Wars !

    As a clan leader, I'm having to kick good clanmates because they didn't participate in the war. Their teammates get angry at them and call for their head. The game was so much more relaxing and enjoyable before wars. BTW the loot to be made in 2 hours of raid binging is easily 10 times as much as the winning loot in the 2 day ordeal of clan wars !

  • Absolutely stupid aspect to the game

    Totally agree with several of the arguments. It's a ploy to make people spend more money on the game, but in reality makes about 40% of the players annoyed and either quit or leave the clan. We had several leaders leave in a row after clan wars launched, I got the clan and built it back up, made it so we only did 1 stupid clan war a week instead of 1 after the other, and we filled back up. But now we have to kick all our members who miss a war, and still can't win because 1/2 the world is literally too stupid to get a star when it's the ONLY GOAL. Any good clans out there that never do clans wars? I'm looking for one now.

  • The clan war matchmaking system sucks!!

    Our clan has lost many wars due to higher leveled players who have dropped down in trophies so that their clan would win. A matchmaking system based on trophies is simply illogical. I can't even begin to imagine what was going on with Supercell when they thought of THAT one. Supercell could have done a WAY better job with clan wars. The wars are never balanced - either one or the other clan usually dominates - it is never close. Supercell needs to rethink the matchmaking system so that clan wars are actually exciting and worth the effort to participate and win.

  • Clan wars are killing my clan

    It took a long time to find a really good clan, and for a year our invite only clan has been full. Since we have been conscripted to war nearly half the clan has left. The "all or nothing" approach by supercell is wrong. I also question the logic in the match ups. After 20+ losses the system doesn't demote us to a lesser legue! Instead it sends us to the slaughter house AGAIN. How can anyone say this is fun!

  • Only if you can opt in/out before war has started

    Clan Wars (CWs) has nearly destroyed our clan. We are (were) a high level farming clan. We don't take the game too seriously and we always hovered around 45-50 players - invite only - 1700 cup requirement. When CWs started it split the clan - some wanted it, some didn 't care - meaning we lost our first two wars because about a 1/3 didn 't fight. So, we either kick these apathetic but long standing clan members or we start a war clan. We chose the latter and we have won ever CW since then. Problem is, the clan has been divided - lose/lose situation. If supercell would simply allow an 'opt in' feature it would fix the problem.

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