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  • No, classes should not be segregated by sex.

    A major element of the educational experience is the ability of students to interact with one another. In a classroom segregated by gender, students face a limitation on whom they are able to interact. In fact, the population of who they can interact effectively is sliced in half. An element of being able to lead a successful life is the ability to communicate and interact with people of both sexes, a process that begins in school and in the classroom.

  • Classes should not be segregated by sex.

    There is no reason to segregate classes by sex. Segregating classes by sex encourages differences in curriculum and treatment of boys and girls. Boys and girls need to learn the same things in school and need to learn how to work together and see each other as equals. Adults are not segregated at work, and children should not be segregated at school.

  • No, they should be integrated.

    Although there is some research saying that boys and girls learn differently, it is beneficial for them to be integrated in the classroom. An integrated classroom introduces students to different learning styles and teaches them how to interact with people who are different from them or who they may not normally get along with, which is an important social skill.

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