Should classes have pets that don't affect kids with allergies, like fish, rodents or cats?

Asked by: AW4070828
  • Yes they should have a class pet.

    In my opinion, I think that classes should have a class pet because pets are awesome and kids would want to go to school more and I have five pets and I love them to death and the kids would love them to death so that is why I say yes.

  • Yes! We should have class pets including dogs!

    Sometimes kids feel down and they need something to bring them back u! So why not a pet! They could use that loyal companion to bring their spirit up! That's why I think we could use class pets. What do u think (vote yes please kids need companions to help!)

  • Its nice great and fun to have a class pet!

    I think it would be better if we will have some company and we will learn a lot of new things we never ever knew before at school. We can do a lot of research and fun things with a class pet. It will be a great excperiance for the class!

  • I always when debates

    It would help me learn a lot better because when I do my homework a home my dog helps me by keeping me company. That's why a classroom should always have a class pet. That goes for all the schools nation wide. Even Private schools should have class pets. Yeah!!!

  • Pets need to be there!

    Kids should have pets because it makes them in a less stressful environment and they should have pets because it will help them become more responsible. Feeding and caring for pets can be responsibility and they will learn to be better with animals. You can learn more about animals by having one right in your classroom.

  • Yes, children learn from animals.

    It is good for kids to be exposed to the natural world, and some children would never be close to animals because their families don't have them or can not afford them. So a classroom pet that is not going to cause allergies is a great way to get them involved with the natural world.

  • Yes we should

    They could help you with reasearch and they could help you have team work and reasponsibility and work. They could teach you about some facts. You could do experiences. You could get more smarts. You could take it on a walk. Take it out to recess.You could have fun. Teach it.

  • Yes we should have class pets.

    Yet it should be pets like birds, cats, fish or small rodents. They should not have dogs because it is too much work for a class and teacher to handle. Also it would give the students a more fun and less stressful environment!

  • Of course!!!!!!!!!!! Man

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  • Schools should have class pets

    I say this because they learn responsibility and taking care of another life. Also because its helpful for the unger grades like k through 3rd grade. Finally because they can have earnings from taking care of a animl like a cat dog or hamster. This is why I think they should have class pets

  • Kid's don't know how to treat animals

    Kids should not have pets such as rodents and cats, because children are irresponsible and don't know how to treat animals. They could hurt or annoy a dog or cat and make the animals' lives miserable. Also animals should not be confined to a classroom that will be loud and strike fear into them.

  • What next? Bring Grandma and Granddad?

    Teachers and schools don't have the time to mess with taking care of small pets or fish tanks. And, classroom can be harmful to small pets.
    Busy, noisy classrooms can be stressful, and small animals can be very adept at hiding symptoms of illness or injury (a lifesaving attribute when trying to avoid predators in the wild, but less than ideal in a setting where children are present). Even accidental rough handling can cause an otherwise social animal to become timid and defensive.

    Small animals need large habitats that may not fit in the classroom, and many species need ample fresh produce daily. And what will happen if the animal requires immediate veterinary assistance after school hours?

    Even without a live animal present, lessons in responsible pet care and respect for all animals can still be a part of the classroom experience. Consider these animal-friendly alternatives.

  • No,it will dilute learning.

    The main purpose of attending school is building peer to peer bonds. In a world where most of the kids spend too much time online, if kids are given an alternative to interacting with each other and learning from each other, then very soon the inter-personal skills of these kids will vanish. Pets are a great idea to be introduced in moral sciences lectures or in activity rooms.

  • Classes should not have pets.

    Every year hundreds of baby chicks are killed because pre-school classes watch them hatch from eggs and them having nothing to do with them. Pets need love and care on a full time basis, not for the 9 months of the school year. What happens to these pets during summer, other holidays and weekends, or at the end of the year when the kids and often the teacher all move on!

  • Just not neccessary

    There is no real need to have pets at school. I don't see how class pets would benefit education. Some children are scared or easily distracted by pets. Also, pets require attention and in making the decision to have a class pet, i'd assume the class would be expected to give a lot of attention to the pet otherwise it's beyond pointless. However, school is for education and playing with a pet is not a part of it, sorry. Plus, it's an expense. Also, it may be quite scary for the animal to be around a lot of children during the day. And what would happen to it at night? Seems like more of a drama than it's worth.

  • Who is going to take care of it during the summer?

    The school will be completely closed during the summer. If the teacher can't and the students can't, who will? Can whoever takes it to their house return it? If the pet dies during the summer, then what? Will the school buy a new pet? A school just doesn't need a class pet.

  • Most pets cost a lot

    Lets say you want a parrot for your class. Well, a parrotlet already costs about $100-300. A full grown parrot will cost about $1600. Plus, with the climate in the class, there might be bad medical conditions. You still also need a good habitat for the parrot which is around $219.00

  • What? Of course not.

    People can be allergic to anything. My nephew is allergic to fish. My mom to cats. And Im sure I can find people allergic to rodents. Aside from having kids drop dead, the kids could also harm the animals in the classroom. Either way this wouldn't be a good idea.

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