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Why? For what purpose?

  I didn´t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can´t prove anything. Where would our society be if we could prove all wrongdoing? We need more spaces where people can learn to act poorly without consequences. How else can we create the quality leaders we have in our political system today?
Anonymous says2013-08-28T21:36:03.290
Anonymous says2013-09-06T08:00:08.047
Not the real issue here
tjkaase says2014-08-22T16:12:56.717
Disagree. We should let students act poorly in school? That's ridiculous
wbelisle says2016-05-10T14:54:35.660
Sorry, I think you have the wrong forum. Better luck next time.
laineypc says2017-03-04T22:56:03.517
This appears to be a sarcastic response. The commenter is counted as no but the argument does not support the "no" and should not be counted in the tally.
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