• Teacher Feedback from Texas

    Yes! Yes, please do this. This would be the quickest way to fix our education system at very little cost. Give parents a code to do real time virtual visits to the classroom. Observe teachers not just for accountability, but for training purposes. Get rid of behavior management problems on the spot! Are you aware of the thousands of dollars that are spent every day in U.S. Schools just dealing with classroom management? Schools should have glass walls and this is the easiest way to have them.

  • Why are teachers so threatened by this idea?

    My niece, who has autism, was bullied and treated badly by teachers and aides. Because of her disability, she is not able to express emotions, or even explain what happened. This is a MUST for special needs classrooms! There should be NO debate!
    As far as a regular classroom, why not? Why are teachers so threatened? What are they afraid of? The classroom is NOT a private place. This is NOT an invasion of privacy! I think any teacher who does not want this has something to hide!

  • They'd tell us what is happening

    Especially if you have been a student in a -particularly- rowdy class, I do believe having constant watch over students, their possessions, and their actions will lead to a safer and better learning environment for all students, and make teaching for the teacher easier since keeping students within reasonable control is not one of the things he/she has to worry about. For example, if some student throws an object at someone else, the teacher might have been writing on the board, completely oblivious to who had done so, and have no idea as to who did it. With a camera and access to recorded footage, the teacher can easily identify and discipline the one (or more) students who had thrown the object.

  • This would prevent abuse both from teachers and from students

    A camera in the classroom should be able to put everyone on their best behavior. It would be a deterrent against abusive behaviors. Also, this could be used to show parents their child might engage in, in the classroom. As a teacher, I would love to have a camera in the classroom as I strive to behave professionally towards students. Sometimes, I encounter aggressive and inappropriate behavior. Talking to a parent of an abusive student would benefit from a short video of the incident.

  • Yes, Parents would no longer be cut out of their child Education.

    I believe cameras should be in schools. Not just to stop bad teachers from hitting or touching our kids. Not just to make sure CRT and Common core are gone. Not just make sure our children are being tough history and not political agenda. Not just to hold the schools to keep to there own rules. All of these reasons and one more. Bullying would go unmissed. When my child was in second grade she had 3 little boys telling her they where going to kill her, Brake her bones, And even choking her. When I brought it to the school they tried to tell me they did something about it, But she come home and tell me how the teacher yield at her for another child calling her a B**ch. Remember this is 2 grade I am talking about. The school went as so far to tell me. It was my own child fault kids where hurting her and threatening her life. I was not aloud to know what happened in the classroom, Who the children where, Or even WHAT was being done about it. A camera in the classroom would of put an end to all of it. SO YES all classrooms should have cameras for our children's safety.

  • Parents would no longer be cut out of their kids daily life

    Teachers can say anything to your child and your not going to know. A camera would make sure teachers would have to keep in line and keep their hands off kids. Bullies would be spotted and handled with in 24 hours. Camera are a must have in all class rooms.

  • This will protect everyone involved

    Not only will the teachers be protected from false accusations of mistreatment and possibly incompetence, But the students will be protected from harrassment, Bullying and the forced indoctrination by radical, Anti-American teachers with an agenda. Parents and school boards should be allowed to see what is occurring in our public school classrooms.

  • Secure, Private access of cameras in the classroom, Would be protection for all.

    We have doggie daycares & vet clinics with
    secure private access cameras (spac). We have pre-school & daycares with spacs. I was able to see my new grandbaby at certain times, While she was in the NICU when she was born. There’s police body cams, There are cameras on every street corner and there is even Google Earth, Where you can see anyone’s house from the app! With privacy security codes, The technology is there to protect facial recognition, Security and privacy, AND teachers can have proof when accused of wrong doing by child, Parent, Co-worker or leadership or any others. . Parents can be more aware of what’s being taught and assignment requirements and any discipline issues! I see it as a win-win!

  • Closed rooms are invitations for arrogance and abuse

    Not only cameras, But plexi glass/bullet proof windows and open campus that parents can visit at any time! I made surprise visits at the school my children attended in 1988! And let me tell you about the abuse that I observed going on in the classrooms. I was warned not to show up on unannounced again. Needless to say, I took my children out of that private school and place them in a local school immediately. This school I was able to visit. For several grade levels my 2nd son was traumatized by the past

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  • It will make the students anxious

    I am in school and I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I knew that someone is always watching me. We don’t always feel like studying, We get bored or we maybe want to say something to someone but with the cameras over our heads it would make us unsafe to do it, Which is not really comfortable. We should feel comfortable and safe in schools and with cameras it wouldn’t be possible. I think the teachers always know who the ones are that are doing bad things so cameras aren’t needed. .

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  • Do you want privacy? !

    CCTV cameras r there just to prove to the kids they don't trust u.
    Being watched 24/7 in a classroom is uncomfortable for the teacher and the students.
    Is privacy a thing anymore?
    CCTV cameras aren't needed more then they say. What are they going to do? See who was being bad in class?
    Or if it was to check that there isn't bullying. . . That's the students problem and yes, If it is bad teachers should get involved because it could end up bad. But that doesn't mean invading EVERY kids privacy is the right thing to do. . . Just saying.

  • Its a invasion of privacy

    Many students have claimed that it makes them feel uncomfortable having a camera always watching them. It blatantly inappropriate to have people be filmed without any consent to it whatsoever. One statistic showed that 17 out of 18 students in a class felt uncomfortable with the idea of being filmed

  • No, Just no

    Students do not feel comfortable when being monitored at all times. They will not feel free to talk about anything with their teachers. They would make provocative gestures at the cameras and it would disrupt the class. The students wouldn't open up with their teachers. I am a teacher myself and I prefer if we do not have cameras in my classroom.

  • Cameras should be installed in classrooms

    I say this because the student can feel uneasy in the classroom because everything they say and do is being recorded and this will limit the exchange of knowledge. It can also creat an atmosphere of feta and distrust between the teacher and a student. Another reason is the student may hesitate to raise their hand because they are scared of messing up and getting made fun of or talked about because of their mistake

  • It invades privacy

    Lets say you want to tell a friend a secret but then you are afraid to because you know there are video cameras. What do you do? Tell it and have your secret known to someone who may tell to another person and start a rumor or just not tell? Big problem

  • No no no

    We are not in a prison No can act normally realizing that he is observed all the time. Spying cameras are not fair for teachers and students. They would make them feel nervous all the time. No one enjoys being looked at while sleeping or in the bathroom. What's going on in the classroom between teachers and students should be normal interaction for learning. With Cameras on all the time means self torturing for both students and teachers

  • Why we shouldnt.

    Huge distraction for kids who may have ADHD and it is a invasion of property. The financial pay for the cameras would be to great and it could be used for other things than cameras like textbooks, That teachers seem to be complaining about and it could give teachers a raise if they want.

  • Cameras create a hostile atmosphere in the classroom.

    Studies have shown that having a camera in the classroom creates an atmosphere of mistrust and lack of respect for the privacy of the students. The students would feel as though they were not trusted and thus always be on edge for fear of getting accused of something they didn't do.

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