• Teacher Feedback from Texas

    Yes! Yes, please do this. This would be the quickest way to fix our education system at very little cost. Give parents a code to do real time virtual visits to the classroom. Observe teachers not just for accountability, but for training purposes. Get rid of behavior management problems on the spot! Are you aware of the thousands of dollars that are spent every day in U.S. Schools just dealing with classroom management? Schools should have glass walls and this is the easiest way to have them.

  • Why are teachers so threatened by this idea?

    My niece, who has autism, was bullied and treated badly by teachers and aides. Because of her disability, she is not able to express emotions, or even explain what happened. This is a MUST for special needs classrooms! There should be NO debate!
    As far as a regular classroom, why not? Why are teachers so threatened? What are they afraid of? The classroom is NOT a private place. This is NOT an invasion of privacy! I think any teacher who does not want this has something to hide!

  • They'd tell us what is happening

    Especially if you have been a student in a -particularly- rowdy class, I do believe having constant watch over students, their possessions, and their actions will lead to a safer and better learning environment for all students, and make teaching for the teacher easier since keeping students within reasonable control is not one of the things he/she has to worry about. For example, if some student throws an object at someone else, the teacher might have been writing on the board, completely oblivious to who had done so, and have no idea as to who did it. With a camera and access to recorded footage, the teacher can easily identify and discipline the one (or more) students who had thrown the object.

  • This would prevent abuse both from teachers and from students

    A camera in the classroom should be able to put everyone on their best behavior. It would be a deterrent against abusive behaviors. Also, this could be used to show parents their child might engage in, in the classroom. As a teacher, I would love to have a camera in the classroom as I strive to behave professionally towards students. Sometimes, I encounter aggressive and inappropriate behavior. Talking to a parent of an abusive student would benefit from a short video of the incident.

  • Yes, Parents would no longer be cut out of their child Education.

    I believe cameras should be in schools. Not just to stop bad teachers from hitting or touching our kids. Not just to make sure CRT and Common core are gone. Not just make sure our children are being tough history and not political agenda. Not just to hold the schools to keep to there own rules. All of these reasons and one more. Bullying would go unmissed. When my child was in second grade she had 3 little boys telling her they where going to kill her, Brake her bones, And even choking her. When I brought it to the school they tried to tell me they did something about it, But she come home and tell me how the teacher yield at her for another child calling her a B**ch. Remember this is 2 grade I am talking about. The school went as so far to tell me. It was my own child fault kids where hurting her and threatening her life. I was not aloud to know what happened in the classroom, Who the children where, Or even WHAT was being done about it. A camera in the classroom would of put an end to all of it. SO YES all classrooms should have cameras for our children's safety.

  • Parents would no longer be cut out of their kids daily life

    Teachers can say anything to your child and your not going to know. A camera would make sure teachers would have to keep in line and keep their hands off kids. Bullies would be spotted and handled with in 24 hours. Camera are a must have in all class rooms.

  • This will protect everyone involved

    Not only will the teachers be protected from false accusations of mistreatment and possibly incompetence, But the students will be protected from harrassment, Bullying and the forced indoctrination by radical, Anti-American teachers with an agenda. Parents and school boards should be allowed to see what is occurring in our public school classrooms.

  • Secure, Private access of cameras in the classroom, Would be protection for all.

    We have doggie daycares & vet clinics with
    secure private access cameras (spac). We have pre-school & daycares with spacs. I was able to see my new grandbaby at certain times, While she was in the NICU when she was born. There’s police body cams, There are cameras on every street corner and there is even Google Earth, Where you can see anyone’s house from the app! With privacy security codes, The technology is there to protect facial recognition, Security and privacy, AND teachers can have proof when accused of wrong doing by child, Parent, Co-worker or leadership or any others. . Parents can be more aware of what’s being taught and assignment requirements and any discipline issues! I see it as a win-win!

  • Closed rooms are invitations for arrogance and abuse

    Not only cameras, But plexi glass/bullet proof windows and open campus that parents can visit at any time! I made surprise visits at the school my children attended in 1988! And let me tell you about the abuse that I observed going on in the classrooms. I was warned not to show up on unannounced again. Needless to say, I took my children out of that private school and place them in a local school immediately. This school I was able to visit. For several grade levels my 2nd son was traumatized by the past

  • Hihihihihih hihih nihi


  • Because pls because

    hackers can get into everything and hack it so we wouldnt have any cameras pls dont have cameras then it invades your privacy and hakcers can get in and hack it then life would always not be privite so this is why i say no and pls and thank you

  • Noooooooo way! !!!!!!!!!!!

    Students already have enough stress doing work or while writing a test, but with a security camera, THAT"S A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF STRESS! Student's will be so pressured to do right, they will end up doing wrong! Plus, they need their privacy incase they are doing something when they are the only ones in the class. They would overall be extremely paranoid that someone is watching them

  • No focus for students

    Students will only be focusing on wether they are being watched than listening to the teacher that is in front teaching an important lesson. There will probably be even more fighting because students will be uptight and tense. So no, i don't want to be watched by the government in school

  • No way hosay

    This is a violation of human rights against children. The fact that this is even an opinion is shocking. Children and humans not cattle or inmates in prison. They are there to learn not to be observed. Some of these suggestions towards security cameras is shocking SHOCKING I TELL YOU. Ridiculous

  • Kidnappers and hackers.

    Their kidnappers and hackers around the world that can follow you home or to school.And it is dangerous to go alone to and the hackers can hack the cameras to steel someone or some thing so no cameras at school just to stay safe and stay as in a group.

  • This will disrupt the learning environment

    Classrooms shouldn't have security cameras. Being watched already makes people act odd AND THATS THE LAST THING WE NEED FROM STUDENTS. It would also be a huge distraction and change learning patterns. IT is a waste of money and may ruin kids who cherish their privacy from their education. Cool.

  • Yah ba dah ba dooo

    Classrooms shouldn't have security cameras. Being watched already makes people act odd AND THATS THE LAST THING WE NEED FROM STUDENTS. It would also be a huge distraction and change learning patterns. IT is a waste of money and may ruin kids who cherish their privacy from their education. Cool.
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  • Noooooooo more cameras!!!!

    We already have a parent getting in a business, school where we can get a break from them spying on what we do! Us kids want to live are life without haveing to look over a shoulder with someone there to spy on us and seeing what we are doing.

  • It Is Ridiculous

    Why have cameras when you got tons in the hallways.Cameras not only benefits kids but teachers too , All cameras do is distract kids from everything. KIds not even bad in classrooms, they act there worst in hallways. So ask yourself , is buying more cameras to go in classrooms that necessary ?

  • No, Just No.

    It is really scary to think that there are actually people that support this. Its like the people that support Donald Trump. It is morally wrong to invade the privacy of kids as young as 5 years old. Plus, most schools actually don't have bullying and theft problems, and punishing all of them like this is unfair. Think about if a student is having a hard time with something, and a video is recorded of it. These things, no matter how hard we try to get rid of them, stay around forever. Imagine that same video coming up when the kid is trying to get a job. You might say that no - one will see it but the people reviewing the tapes, but one click and its uploaded to the web. Also, the tapes from the cameras will just take up disk space, slow wi-fi, and not do anything. Paying for the cameras are also a big deal. Most schools would rather get new books and desks than pay for their students to be stalked, and frankly, I agree.

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