• Yes, cameras should be used in the classroom.

    There are many reasons why there should be cameras in the classroom. Many things go on in classrooms that teachers don't know about. With cameras these things can be seen and things can be done about it. The school administrators could also look at the video recordings to make sure that the teachers are doing their job correctly.

  • For Protection Purposes

    I have been scouring the internet looking to see if a teacher could have a security camera installed in his/her classroom. There is such a discipline problem in schools and if a camera could catch and record these behaviors there would be less he said/she said issues where the teacher is not automatically the more reliable source. Some students skip class, walk in and out, cuss, sit on desks, play cards, watch videos with their friends and don't listen to the teacher at all. Then they tell their parents and counselors that the teacher doesn't teach, bullies the student...Etc., and that is why the student is failing the class.
    Well, lets rewind the day and see what REALLY happened. Teachers get desperate phone calls and emails from parents and students wanting extra credit to bring up their grade when they goofed off all quarter. The teacher THEN has to do EXTRA work him/herself to help this desperate student pass on to the next grade. NOT FAIR. They have enough to do without paving the way for disrespectful, privileged, and lazy students.
    JUST SAY NO to coddling the kids and add a camera to your classroom for evidence as to WHY these kids have to repeat the year and have evidence on their behavior too. Kids do not care about consequences because everyone falls all over them to smooth the road for them and if you don't they will say the most horrible things like being manhandled, bullied, touched inappropriately...Etc., just to avoid the consequence of not behaving in class. They don't care if the teacher gets fired if they get some extra credit to scrape together a pass.
    Lets teach these kids MORE than their core classes, lets prepare them for LIFE and make them WORK for their grades and have our own protection (security cameras) while doing it.

  • They Provide Safety

    As a student hearing that Trump wants to give teachers guns it totally made me fearful, if a teacher has a bad day that could be the end. People need to be able to look back to see what is happening. Though expensive it is a one and done payment. Also in America there has been 171 school shootings since 2013. It is 2018 and that is more that 20 a year. The video cameras make students behave because they are being watched. I was harassed and bullied on a bus and the video on phones and the bus actually had the student leave or schools and I now feel much safer knowing he has no to little contact with me. (Hero she lives in my development.)

  • Yes! I' m for cameras in classrooms

    As a teacher, I feel that I'm responsible for my students. Well one thing is, everyone here has given valid points. But those points came from their experience of a particular circumstance or a situation.
    I feel the premise has to be taken into consideration. (Premise - Why do you need cameras in a classroom?)
    Camera is definitely a very good option because as a teacher I know that there are quite a lot of time when the students are on their own. The school is a place of learning, a training ground to be ready to face the world. Allowing them to be on their own without supervision is a big mistake even in a training ground.
    It is not a matter of privacy or freedom here. It behavior, guidance and security that matters. We can avoid bullying, physical abuse that can take place in a classroom under the roof of a school. I don't mind being watched over when I have nothing to hide from. I can still be myself and do what I want to do.

  • Schools should have cameras in classrooms

    It would keep an eye on teachers and students to be sure they are doing what they are supposed to. Also they could help scare people into not doing things they shouldn't. Security cameras may help schools stop school shootings and other things that may harm the students or faculty.

  • It helps you when at the last breath

    If u get bullied and messages come to you saying your a loser well that happened to me as a student and i am arguing for cameras which can spot it even if u cant talk what about if you got raped in highschool you wont be able to speak

  • I Say Yes!!!!

    I think we should have cameras in schools. They will decrease brake ins. Also, if they have nothing to hide way couldn't we have cameras. They also will stop bullying in the classroom. And if we have hidden cameras the students wont be as nervous. This shows that we should have cameras in classrooms.

  • I say yes!!!

    Having cameras in school does not effect kids education. Also, if you have nothing to hide then why couldn't you have cameras in the classroom. They also would decrease brake ins. They should have hidden cameras because the kids wouldn't be so nervous. This shows that we should have cameras in school classrooms.

  • I say yes

    I think that they should have more cameras at school because it could maybe help stop bullying and other violence that goes around the school. It could also stop and help everyday violence at recess and the lunchroom, nurses office, class rooms, principals office, the gym, the computer lab, and the art and music room.

  • Yes for safety hazards

    Yes,Their should be cameras in class rooms and school hallways,I believe this because if their was a bully and a kid was physically hit or hurt like pushed down the stairs the principles can look at the cameras and find out who hit this person or who hurt this person.

  • The idea of cameras in classrooms is an absolutely sick one, it has nothing to do with pedagogy, but with prisons, terror, discomfort, guilt, etc

    The idea of camera surveillance in classrooms is an absolutely sick one, it has got nothing to do with pedagogy, but with the penitentiary space, with prisons, terror, punishment, discomfort, etc. It induces a constant feeling of guilt, to students, as well as to teachers. If you are a real professional, as a teacher,or even if you are just a normal person, claiming a right to normality, especially in schools, you realize that camera surveillance in class is something coming from paranoid people who cannot lead the activity through normal behavior. I could never teach and dedicate myself to the teaching and learning process with a camera spy on me. School and pedagogy are not "tv broadcast", show, machine, or a space for others to constantly spy on people`s moves, reactions, etc. Pedagogy means emotional comfort, and it is about trying to understand each other and to grow together. Under such prison like conception and conditions, it is impossible to work. Teacher training and school inspections could never be realized through this sick intrusion. On the other hand, students in any environment cannot be treated as convicts. It is against the very idea of school at its very core. Cameras in class cannot protect people from violence, lunatics can always sort out other methods, angles, areas, etc if they wish to attack the people around them. On the corridors, nearby doors, etc, it is ok, but the classroom is a sacred and private space for wisdom and light, not a concentration camp or a robot space. It is like somebody would try to dictate every thought, word, move,,etc.
    I think that pedagogy and school`s goals are precisely to educate people through humane means,through professionalism and responsibility, not suspicion, and paranoid or negative behaviorist-watch-over and punishment methods. We need patience, responsibility, psychology, counseling, Christian counseling, etc. Nobody (principals, colleagues, etc), has the right to intervene in such a brutal way in the activity of teachers and students. The ideas of principles having those classrooms images and the classrooms activity on their screens in their offices, live, anytime, etc, is simply one that makes one think about insanity, judgmental attitude, blackmail and intimidation towards teachers and students,,,,and I cannot accept any other truth. "Hey move, move", fast, fast"(left, right...etc)-isn't this how these spy abusers "kick" students and teachers while studying in class? Mind control,intimidation, judgment,psychological torture coming from the most dirtiest political like (maybe) environment are keywords associated with the idea of cameras in class. Principles or other "colleagues" have no right to impose such things on us, teachers who know what teaching means.Anyone who does that is unprofessional, abusive and should go for teacher training in a high security prison if they like that so much!This world is far from being a free and sane one, and we do not need to pervert minds , nor to create zombies, but to educate souls and minds and to enhance creativity, competence and excellence!

  • Why? For what purpose?

    I didn´t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can´t prove anything. Where would our society be if we could prove all wrongdoing? We need more spaces where people can learn to act poorly without consequences. How else can we create the quality leaders we have in our political system today?

  • Cameras shouldn't be allowed in classrooms.

    It will cost too much for the little amounts of benefits it provides and for the students who are studying there, it just be like you're being spied on. Plus for all the student they won't be learning anything from the teacher they will just be looking at the camera for the whole class.

  • No. Video cameras have begun to invade privacy.

    These days, parents are obsessed with monitoring everything about their kids, but taping their education is not the solution. The cameras would be a distraction, and eager parents would not be able to resist watching and interfering constantly. In general, cameras are already too pervasive in society. It has created a culture of big brother watching every last action, and this prevents people from acting normally because everyone feels they are being watched.

  • The possibility of abuse of power is too great.

    I do not believe that cameras in the classroom would be/will be used to prevent bullying in abuse, rather to police and interfere with teaching. It would be too easy to manipulate and use the tapes in a way that benefits the administration and not the teacher. Furthermore, students and teachers should never be observed without their knowing, and I can see that becoming a problem.

    You may wonder why teachers have such a problem with the invasion of privacy. It's not about having something to hide, after all they are frequently observed, and after all the classroom is full of students. It's dehumanizing to have cameras trained on teachers and students at all times. You're treating them like they are all ready criminals, and I think students especially have enough to deal with.

    Claiming that this will someone prevent/end teacher or student abuse ignores the real problem. If there is abuse going on there needs to be actual action taken. It's not enough to think that cameras will deter certain actions, as most people will not think of their actions as bullying, and if they do, might be talented in hiding it.

    I think schools resemble prisons enough as it is. I do not think students need further reason to feel trapped and exposed. Think about how you would feel, if you had a camera on you while trying to learn.

  • I SAY NO!!!

    Change in work pattern, more stress for students, the schools will have to put in more money to install and pay someone to review video taps when they could just solve the problem the same way they have for years. Why not use the money for something a little more useful.

  • No Cameras At School!!!!!

    Of course, to install cameras in areas of privacy such as bathrooms and changing rooms is intrusive and the very vast majority would naturally object. However, one could argue that these become safe havens for those who wish to commit crime, such as theft or drug dealing, knowing full well that cameras were not there to catch out suspects." I do not agree with this. I think there should be cameras in the hallway only.
    By: Ava L

  • That's the teacher's job.

    Classrooms don't need cameras, because there should be a teacher there in the classroom who can see and address problems that happen without needing a camera to help them. Besides teaching, this is their job. If they can't see what's going on without a security camera to help them, they have no business being a teacher. Plus kids constantly record each other on their phones, doesn't that count as being on camera? If we have the money to put security cameras in classrooms, we have the money to actually fund our schools. I never saw a textbook younger than me in school, let's get new ones! Forget those old dinosaur computers, let's get new computers! Instead of the ones our grandparents have! Let's have toilets that actually flush and library books with all of the pages in them. It's too much big brother and a huge waste of tax payer money.

  • I say no.

    Shelli Weisberg, the legislative director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, asked: ‘How do you determine whom you’re going to question if you’ve got video of 50 kids walking out of a locker room following a theft?’
    The principle says. ‘We know who the bad kids are,’ Well, then, why do you need the camera if you already know who the bad kids are?

    Hi, everyone. The topic of this debate is ‘Should surveillance cameras be installed in classrooms’.I firmly believes that this statement is false.

    Although I also agree that installing surveillance cameras will improve security, we also think that installing them can be controversial. There have been protests and legal action surrounding camera installation at schools internationally, and there are a number of issues to consider before signing off on surveillance. Firstly, cameras are expensive, with some high-end systems costing $500,000 or more, plus annual maintenance fees, for example, The Clay Community Schools Corp in Brazil. Secondly, what problems are you trying to solve with cameras? If you do install cameras, what kind of atmosphere will it create at your school? Most importantly, what do parents and students think?

    When word got out that administrators at the Seaholm and Groves high schools in Oakland County were considering installing security cameras, it led students to organize the group SASC, Students against Security Cameras. Its members have attended school board meetings to protest the plan, which they feel would be an unnecessary expense and would promote an atmosphere of distrust in the schools. SASC students even have a Facebook page spelling out their concerns, with more than 850 members so far, not counting their parents and supporting teachers.

    You may wonder why teachers have such a problem with the invasion of privacy. It's not like they have anything to hide, but, you also need to consider teachers tend to have different teaching styles. If you did install cameras of observe them, they will become scared, and act abnormal. You see, it's dehumanizing to have cameras trained on teachers and students at all times. You're treating them like they are already criminals and we think students and teachers especially have enough to deal with.

    (Continuing below)

  • Violation of privacy

    I think that security cameras in schools are a good idea. Having them in the entrances and the hallways are a way to cutback on school crime and protect the student population. However, I think that putting those cameras actually within the classroom violates the privacy of both the students and the teachers. Knowing that someone could be watching you at all times may bring security, but it's also able to distract students and teachers and could be harmful to learning. Also, in schools where teaching "by the book" is required, some of the best learning occurs in the 'teachable moments' where an opportunity for teaching something not in the curriculum comes up. These are quite often more interesting to the students than the regular lessons and lectures, and can make class enjoyable. If these cameras in classrooms are abused--as there is a high possibility of them being--a teacher might get 'caught' deviating from the syllabus and it could take away valuable learning opportunities.

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