• Yes, cameras should be used in the classroom.

    There are many reasons why there should be cameras in the classroom. Many things go on in classrooms that teachers don't know about. With cameras these things can be seen and things can be done about it. The school administrators could also look at the video recordings to make sure that the teachers are doing their job correctly.

  • For Protection Purposes

    I have been scouring the internet looking to see if a teacher could have a security camera installed in his/her classroom. There is such a discipline problem in schools and if a camera could catch and record these behaviors there would be less he said/she said issues where the teacher is not automatically the more reliable source. Some students skip class, walk in and out, cuss, sit on desks, play cards, watch videos with their friends and don't listen to the teacher at all. Then they tell their parents and counselors that the teacher doesn't teach, bullies the student...Etc., and that is why the student is failing the class.
    Well, lets rewind the day and see what REALLY happened. Teachers get desperate phone calls and emails from parents and students wanting extra credit to bring up their grade when they goofed off all quarter. The teacher THEN has to do EXTRA work him/herself to help this desperate student pass on to the next grade. NOT FAIR. They have enough to do without paving the way for disrespectful, privileged, and lazy students.
    JUST SAY NO to coddling the kids and add a camera to your classroom for evidence as to WHY these kids have to repeat the year and have evidence on their behavior too. Kids do not care about consequences because everyone falls all over them to smooth the road for them and if you don't they will say the most horrible things like being manhandled, bullied, touched inappropriately...Etc., just to avoid the consequence of not behaving in class. They don't care if the teacher gets fired if they get some extra credit to scrape together a pass.
    Lets teach these kids MORE than their core classes, lets prepare them for LIFE and make them WORK for their grades and have our own protection (security cameras) while doing it.

  • They Provide Safety

    As a student hearing that Trump wants to give teachers guns it totally made me fearful, if a teacher has a bad day that could be the end. People need to be able to look back to see what is happening. Though expensive it is a one and done payment. Also in America there has been 171 school shootings since 2013. It is 2018 and that is more that 20 a year. The video cameras make students behave because they are being watched. I was harassed and bullied on a bus and the video on phones and the bus actually had the student leave or schools and I now feel much safer knowing he has no to little contact with me. (Hero she lives in my development.)

  • Yes! I' m for cameras in classrooms

    As a teacher, I feel that I'm responsible for my students. Well one thing is, everyone here has given valid points. But those points came from their experience of a particular circumstance or a situation.
    I feel the premise has to be taken into consideration. (Premise - Why do you need cameras in a classroom?)
    Camera is definitely a very good option because as a teacher I know that there are quite a lot of time when the students are on their own. The school is a place of learning, a training ground to be ready to face the world. Allowing them to be on their own without supervision is a big mistake even in a training ground.
    It is not a matter of privacy or freedom here. It behavior, guidance and security that matters. We can avoid bullying, physical abuse that can take place in a classroom under the roof of a school. I don't mind being watched over when I have nothing to hide from. I can still be myself and do what I want to do.

  • Schools should have cameras in classrooms

    It would keep an eye on teachers and students to be sure they are doing what they are supposed to. Also they could help scare people into not doing things they shouldn't. Security cameras may help schools stop school shootings and other things that may harm the students or faculty.

  • It helps you when at the last breath

    If u get bullied and messages come to you saying your a loser well that happened to me as a student and i am arguing for cameras which can spot it even if u cant talk what about if you got raped in highschool you wont be able to speak

  • I Say Yes!!!!

    I think we should have cameras in schools. They will decrease brake ins. Also, if they have nothing to hide way couldn't we have cameras. They also will stop bullying in the classroom. And if we have hidden cameras the students wont be as nervous. This shows that we should have cameras in classrooms.

  • I say yes!!!

    Having cameras in school does not effect kids education. Also, if you have nothing to hide then why couldn't you have cameras in the classroom. They also would decrease brake ins. They should have hidden cameras because the kids wouldn't be so nervous. This shows that we should have cameras in school classrooms.

  • I say yes

    I think that they should have more cameras at school because it could maybe help stop bullying and other violence that goes around the school. It could also stop and help everyday violence at recess and the lunchroom, nurses office, class rooms, principals office, the gym, the computer lab, and the art and music room.

  • Yes for safety hazards

    Yes,Their should be cameras in class rooms and school hallways,I believe this because if their was a bully and a kid was physically hit or hurt like pushed down the stairs the principles can look at the cameras and find out who hit this person or who hurt this person.

  • We are not in a prison

    No can act normally realizing that he is observed all the time.Spying cameras are not fair for teachers and students.They would make them feel nervous all the time. No one enjoys being looked at while sleeping or in the bathroom.What's going on in the classroom between teachers and students should be normal interaction for learning.With Cameras on all the time means self torturing for both students and teachers

  • Why Would There Be A Teacher Then

    If there is a teacher then why would there be a teacher in the class room if they can't watch there own students. Yeah she can teach, but now they can teach online so there is no point except for them to watch there kids. So what i'm saying is that if a teacher can't even watch there kids then they don't even need to be teachers anymore.

  • I’m on the opposing side of cameras.

    Should schools really have cameras?I’m on the opposing side of cameras.
    Cameras are something that is watching you 5 times a week when you are at school.Another thing is cameras are meant to guard prisons and military bases do we need that much security or discipline watching us I think not.Something else is what if the cameras mess up and they have to pay to fix them.Would that mess up the budget or what if the cameras keep messing up multiple times.
    All I’m saying is that cameras are bad and they invade a lot of the students privacy and it may be uncomfortable for them with the thought of something always watching them while they are at school.

  • We should not have any cameras

    Cameras make students feel uncomfortable and feel constantly that people are watching them. If someone were to break into a school for blooding students would be hiding correct? Well he/ she would be able to see the students and know that they are in the school. Though it's not a very good reason doesn't mean it can't happen to you.

  • It invades privacy of students

    It gives kids suspicious thoughts and they don't have as much privacy as they did when there weren't camera's in school.People should be trusted to not have cameras in school watching them 5 days a week.It also could make them not want to go to that school any more because of the cameras.

  • I Am 100% Against this

    I just left a class in a business building at the university I attend, sitting in a class that was being monitored by the camera and microphone. Even though it is pointed pretty much at the teacher, this makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and a lot more like a robot enslaved by a fucked up system. The idea of cameras in a classroom is just disgusting and it makes me upset to see it happening at my campus.

  • Its just creepy

    Its just creepy some man or women paid to watch you every single hour of the day not only is it creepy its extremely uncomfortable no one usually enjoys being watched its super super weird its kinda like your being stocked or some thing no one should have to worry about.

  • I say no

    If there were to be any terrorist attack or shooting they could check the cameras and find the students. Plus would Ben very costy. And they could easily be hacked and cause distractions in class. It can perform many benefits but can still cause many problems. Schools shouldn't have cameras

  • Privacy,and costs of schools

    Every year there are more and more problems with camas in classrooms they invade private matters and cost a lot of money many kids can give priviate information in classrooms and it can be hacked and seen by bad people however it might help having cameras in some classes therefore yes and no......

  • Not Needed If Teachers Are Present

    When teachers are in the classroom, then the students will be watched by that trained and trusted teacher (I understand that in some cases the teacher may need to be watched, but we aren't referring to that. We are talking about trained and trusted teachers). If anything goes wrong then the teacher can call to ask for help, or send the student to the office.

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