• Sure if he wants

    I think that if Clay Aiken wants to run for Congress, then he should go right ahead and do so. He has a fan base despite having been on American Idol several years ago. He has to publicity to get far. Now if his plans in Congress are anything concrete, Aiken will have a really good shot. If not he still might have a shot.

  • Yes,Clay Aiken should run for Congress.

    Yes,Clay Aiken should run for Congress.Being both a gay man and a celebrity,he has a unique perspective.He may be more sympathetic towards the little person and may initiate legislation to help the underdog.First of all he has to get elected amid long odds against defeating the incumbe who has natural advantage.

  • Yes, he has reasonable views.

    Yes, Clay Aiken should run for Congress, because he could sing current events to us and that would make it more fun. I would prefer to get my national news in song. Even better if he could make it rhyme. Aiken appears to be smart and concerned about our country. He would probably make a fine leader. A welcome improvement from today's politicians.

  • Clay Aiken should not run for Congress.

    Clay Aiken should not run for congress because he is not qualified. Although he is a well known television personality, he has no law or administrative experience. This is clearly a publicity stunt. Also, Aiken has a history of losing in television reality shows. It's likey he will lose the election also.

  • No, Clay Aiken should not run for congress.

    Clay Aiken does not have a future in politics. He was not even a very good performer in the music industry, and I do not believe that he would be suited well in Congress either. Overall I think that he should find a new career path and stop trying to reinvent himself.

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