Should climate change be added to the civil rights agenda?

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  • It's not a right

    Living at a particular average temperature is not a civil right and should not be added to the civil rights agenda. There is no evidence that climate change will lead to catastrophic consequences, and nobody is sure of any specific results that will arise from a global temperature rise. Because we don't know what if any harm will come, we should not seek a remedy at this point.

  • Doesn't fit into the set

    I assume this question is a response to this article:

    It argues that impoverished Americans and African-Americans are more susceptible to natural disasters and that means climate change affects them to a greater extent. I don't think this necessarily merits making it a civil rights issue. Civil rights issues place a strict and almost undivided emphasis on equality, while climate change, by its very name/nature, emphasizes the need to protect the environment, not to protect a specific group, but to either benefit humanity as a whole or simply preserve the earth.

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