• If we don't know, Who will?

    Who will change the future and prevent the worst of it if we never know about climate change? We are the last generation that can change the course of humanity before it is too late. All of you blind religious followers and science deniers are ruining humanity for us all.

  • Students have a right to know how to adapt to the impacts at a younger age

    Is like any other subjects like English and Science. It is the duty of the Education System to teach climate change at a younger age in order to help them adapt better now and in the future. Students have a right to improve their knowledge regarding the solutions to climate change through education.

  • Students should be taught climate change as it will affect future choices.

    Our day youth desire many for the future, and usually young children yearn to voyage and discover other places around their world, as many believe they do not travel further than their school, a supermarket or an attraction within their town. This supports the idea that climate change should be taught because there are a variety of weathers affecting various places, and if they acknowledge it they may change some of their aspirations for their safety. Teachers should teach it to ensure the outcome of students: whatever they learn at school returns at some point of their upcoming life. An infamous quote stated by a true mastermind Albert Einstein supports their learning reality:"When you stop learning, you start dying." The quote tells us our learning continues throughout our lives, and so climate change would help a student remember for long, and it would help guide them through their life, encouraging them to choose the right choices.

  • All Theories Should Be Taught.

    All theories, whether they be evolution, climate change, or any other kind of theory should be taught in school. As long as they are backed up with facts and great minds behind them, I do not see why climate change would be any different. Of course, there should be a counter point to any theory which should also be taught.

  • Yes, in science.

    Science should be taught in science. If it were merely a hypothetical nonsensical hoodoo theory, then no. But it's been clearly hypothesized, tested, and checked against history, and it's very real. If we have any chance of stopping climate change, it's going to be in our children's hands, right? Shouldn't they know about that?

  • Yes, As Long As It's Part Of A Science Class

    The climate is changing, and this is part of provable science. Every year, more and more storms like Hurricane Sandy become the standard and not a fluke of nature. However, the subject needs to be taught as science, not as part of politics. Leave the Democratic or Republican parties out of it.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes young people need to understand climate change.

    Climate change is a major issue that all young people need to learn about because it will affect their future. Students need to understand the factors that have led to climate change and the ways in which they can remedy this issue. In the future the young people are the ones that will have to remedy the issue of climate change in the world.

  • It's violating basic humans right

    Schools are full of different kind of people with different kind of beliefs. We all have a right to believe what we want. However, If you teach this in a school, You are ignoring peoples right to believe. It might even clash with their overall religion. And they should believe what they want.

  • Students shouldn't be taught false information

    Personally I am a student. My science teacher has been talking about this climate change non-sense that has been altering my fellow peers look on how we as humans are and what actual information is. This whole Global Warming/Climate Change thing is just a money making idea that SOME scientists had came up with and is continuing the lie just so that they can continue to make more and more money. I get that students such as I should be exposed by different ideas, but maybe they should also show some ideas on how Climate Change isn't true. Feel free to disagree with me, I do know what I'm talking about.

  • Down with nature.

    Climate change is a myth. God is the great and merciful and we have to act accordingly to his emotions. Acid rain is simply God crying angry tears at the reduction in the burning of forests. Students don't need education they need to be enslaved with religion before they are sent to hell.

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