Should climate change/global warming be mankind's most important issues currently?

Asked by: Mystery787
  • Global warming sucks

    If it is not the most important issue currently then we will all die. We need to act quickly because the sun one day will get to close to the earth and earth will then explode. Earth is where we live and if it explodes then humans will die and our existence will mean nothing in the galaxy we will just be gone like that. So try to care and make a change because i sure don't want the human race to die suddenly and my existence mean nothing.

  • Yea... Just no.

    And it is very debatable wether or not Global Warming even exists. A scientist recently had to cancel a speech on it, because Niagara Falls froze over that day. Yearly temperature has no real scale of change. One year, you might have a warm winter. Another, a cold Summer. Please take consideration to what I've said, if not research it.

  • No -no -no.

    If we all die. We all die. There's nothing we can do about it. Global warming (if it does happen) (not likely) (who told us about this myth anyway) (probably the government) (the government that wants us to think of other things so that we don't notice how the government is lying to us) will not happen because of us. It will happen because God decides it should. I think it's a distraction from how corrupt our government really is. It's far more likely we'll all die because we know nothing about the constitution and suddenly socialism overcomes us than it is that global warming overtakes us. And if it does, there's nothing we can do about it.

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