Should climate changes ads be broadcast as public service messages?

  • Yes it certainly can't hurt

    Climate change is still an issue that some people don't believe in. Some people feel it is over exaggerated or not being caused by us. Even if this is true though it can't hurt to have climate change ads as public service messages. They can only do good not harm.

  • Climate change ads should be broadcast as public service messages.

    There is sufficient evidence to suggest that climate change is a growing problem. Making people aware that it is a legitimate problem that may affect our well being is not addressed is reason enough to broadcast climate change ads as public service announcements in order to educate the population and make suggestions of actions that can be taken to minimize further impact.

  • Yes, climate change ads should be broadcast as public service messages

    I agree that climate change ads should be broadcast as public service messages. Many people do not understand the threat that climate change produces. People do not understand what they should do to reduce their impact on the climate. Furthermore, some people still do not believe climate change exists. These people need to understand the real threat climate change causes to our way of life.

  • Only if Message Comes from Nonprofit Organization

    Public service messages are often run on broadcast media as part of their overall FCC requirements to have free advertising for non-profit organizations. Climate change ads can be run as PSAs but only if the commercial is funded by a non-profit agency. Commercial businesses like power companies should pay for the advertising space.

  • No, climate change ads should not be broadcast as public service messages.

    With global warming, it seems like the people who would care about it already do, and the people who don't aren't going to. I don't think public service announcements on television or radio would really help to get the word out or cause people to change their minds about living green. It seems like a waste of money to try to educate people on this topic, since it's so politically charged.

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