• They mislead the public

    The patient thinks that they are trialing a drug 100% safe and effective when in actual fact there have been many cases of catastrophic failure causing death to many people such as the Northwick park incident. It can't possibly be fair as the giant pharmaceutical companies are exempt from liability of causing death because of carelessness and selfish interests to make big money. Clinical trials and human experimentation must be banned for public safety.

  • They are helping our future population

    Clinical Research Studies assist doctors and researchers in finding new information and evidence to prevent and/or possibly cure current diseases. They may have negative effects on the person in the trial, but they are optional and can be stopped at any time. Research like this is needed to gather more information to help our future population.

  • No, they bring new drugs to market.

    No, clinical trials should not be banned, because they are instrumental for bringing new drugs to the market. Drug companies will be slower to bring new medicines to the market if there is no way to test them on humans to make sure that they are good, and to become aware of side effects. This makes the industry better.

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