• No politician is above the law

    Rules of conduct are created and enforced for a reason. No person, political or not, should be considered above the law. Breaking the law, especially when in a position of power, should be dealt with in at least the same manner as it would be if it were an every day citizen. Personally, I believe that our government officials, and other persons with the responsibility of our nation resting on their shoulders, should be held to a higher moral standard than the average citizen. We expect these people to be the face of our nation, and we are judged as a nation by their conduct.

  • Even people in positions of power should be held accountable for breaking rules.

    I generally support Hillary Clinton, but I still believe she should be held liable for breaking State Department rules. If she knowingly violated a rule, there's no reason she should not be held responsible for her actions, regardless of who she is. Repercussions may include criminal charges, but she should be prepared for that possibility if there's no excuse for what she did.

  • Yes, Clinton should be held responsible for breaking rules.

    Hillary Clinton, along with any working in the State Department, should follow the rules of the State Department. Who cares if Clinton is a presidential candidate? If she broke the rules, she should be held accountable and corrective action should be taken. She should be treated as anyone else would who broke those rules.

  • I think we should let the FBI decide that.

    Hillary Clinton used bad judgment that is/was potentially dangerous to our entire country. This may mean she should be criminally liable, but the FBI hasn't given their final consensus. Many people rush to judgment without all the facts based on their personal feelings towards her. Some of these people despise her and want to see her behind bars, while others who support her are quick to brushit off as no big deal.
    I admit this doesn't look good for her, but should she be charged? I'll wait and let the FBI decide that. They certainly have more facts than we do.

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