• Clinton should have to release the Goldman Sachs transcripts

    Clinton should have to release the Goldman Sachs transcripts because her character is at issue in this current election cycle. She claims to be for the little person, yet when we have an opportunity to get some insight in to her political views, she runs and hides. Proper vetting of candidates is essential to selecting a President.

  • I dont think Clinton has to release the Goldman Sachs transcripts

    Clinton was asked to release transcripts or audio-video recordings of her paid meetings with the big banks in order to be transparent with the American people regarding the promises and assurances that you have made to the big banks.However, releasing those recordings is completely up to her as she would need to ensure that all the other candidates also do the same before she does it.

  • Leave the woman alone!

    People have been trying to embroil Hilary Clinton in one scandal after another for the last thirty years. Being a former First Lady, State Senator, and Secretary of State - of course she was in high demand to deliver speeches - and at a premium price. There is absolutely nothing illegal or immoral about that!

  • Hillary Clinton should not have to release her Goldman Sachs transcripts

    It is unfair to ask Hillary Clinton to release transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches. The move would be unprecedented, and it is one that her Republican rivals have not done. In the interest of fairness, there should be one standard. Donald Trump has done a number of paid speeches, which do not appear to be an issue

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