• Cloning animals should be banned!

    It's risky, expensive, time consuming. The list goes on and on. Just think an animal is already in peace, why disturb them? Cloning animals is unnatural and scientists could be spending time doing more important things! Overall there are too many risks associated with animal cloning and it needs to be banned!

  • Animal cloning should be band

    This is because when animals are cloned it does not natural, considering I am athiest and believe in science this animals somwere in time will be made by a type of fault just like the first animal in the world was made. If these animals are let free many defects may happen to them.

  • No to Cloning!

    Animal cloning should be banned. First of all, it could be harmful to animals. Studies state that most animals that are put through cloning suffer greatly. Also, animals that are cloned often show a decline in lifespan. The animals often have a miscarriage and can be injured in process. Last but not least, most Americans say no to the food cloning animals provides.

  • It should be banned

    I think that it is not fair and very unsafe. Once an animal dies it should not be reborn. There could be really bad health issues. I think it is good for science but only science. It should not be open to the public. That is why I think animal cloning should be banned.

  • Cloning can lead into extinction of a species and organisms will not evolve if they are cloned too much.

    If you clone too much then it will copy the animals genes. Then mutation will never happen causing life on Earth to never evolve. It can also kill species because then animals won't adapt to anything if they get cloned for more than 8 times. It's too complicated to explain, but the idea is that if their genes get copied for more than 8 times, then the chance of mutation will decrease as the parent will copy its genes and never make a mistake again.

  • If you cut off the animals fur you mite cut off the wrong thing.

    It should be ban because when its winter the animal will be cold . Also the animal will die if you let it freeze to death. And also it will bring harm to the animal .If you was a animal and you got cut and you got kick out the barn /joke/ .

  • I think it should be banned

    Because in the EU the citizens have think that its worse than GMO foods. Another thing is (counter-attacking geneticslad) is that the EU banned cloning for that reason. (and the Citizens fears, because whats a better way to rule than mold to what your country wants, am I right) Also, another thing is is that if the surrogate organism is say, 7 years old, by the time that organism is 7 it would be going through the same physical and mental changes as a 14 year old, so think about that.

  • It helps many people

    Lets say you have a prized bull that is worth the highest price ,if you clone the bull and sell it you will not only make tons of money you will also create great meat for people to eat. Also cloning is good for medical stem cells in humans because we can learn about them and save many peoples lives .

  • What about Endangered Species?

    If we continue to clone animals we can develop the technology to save endangered species. The reproduction of animals can take a very long time and even after that it is possible that the baby would no survive. Cloning would be a quick method to saving these creatures and once a species is gone it is gone forever

  • It should not be banned

    Animal cloning should not be banned because we can save species. We currently have scientist working on bringing back mammoths. We could save so many species. There are some species that are endangered having babies. We can take those babies, clone them, and save the whole entire species. This is why animal cloning should not be banned.

  • Why must we always think about ourselves

    Not only do 99% of the animals being cloned and the new-clone animal die after the procedure(and from medical issues), but they go through un-bearable pain and agony. Why do we always have to think about how the outcome for OURSELVES with be! We think we love animals and then we go and kill many, then later on what is the PURPOSE for bringing back animals. The REAL reason! Not because we want to bring back extinct creatures, WHY do we want to bring back extinct animals!!

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