• Cloning is beneficial in medical science

    To my mind, Cloning should not be abolished as it is beneficial to us to some extent. If the person's heart or kidney going to fail then isn't it interesting and good that you can make replica of their heart or kidney by using their bone marrow or muscle tissues. If we are having calibre to clone someone then we should use it for useful purposes like for saving people's lives. Otherwise, if you are not cloning organs of human to replace them then you are killing them deliberately instead of the fact that you could save them. Not only this, if the woman can't concieve a child then the couple could get their cloned child, which is again a positive point for this. On the other hand, there are cons of cloning as well. Already the world's population is on its peak and making clones is not a good idea as we would need sufficient room, food, clothes, and all those basic necessities for them. Which would be the challenge for normal people. In my point of view, if we have the chance to clone, then why should we clone the entire human body. We could only clone organs that would help the patients to live more of their age and ofcourse healthily.
    By Rupali Sodhi

  • I mean who wouold want tons and tons and tons of you running around?

    Although I know it probably be pretty nice to send your clone to school, or to do your work, there are some bad points about this. First off. Originals. You would have to put numbers on yourselves and call them numbers. I would definately lose track fast. And if the original dies, you dont control the minds of the clone now, like you dont get another lives like in a video game. You only live once. Your family members would be devastated if you died, and if they saw a clone of yourself it just wouldnt feel the same without the original you. I mean sure the clones would ahve the same knowledge as you and learn on that knowledge, but the oringal is always the best, and if your clone goes to jail the cops would have a tough time finding you. I mean that would be pretty sweet, but still think about it. I am against cloning humans, but not animals. I wouldnt want MY animals to be cloned, but maybe farmers would. People have their own opinions, but I think clonign HUMANS should be abolished.

    From a 15 year old high school boy

  • Cloning is beneficial to medical

    Shouldn't be abolished, it could be performed to some extent as it helps in medical situation of a person as if person's one of the organs going to be failed then he could get it replaced by the cloned one. Also the couple who couldn't have a baby, can have the cloned child.

  • Cloning Provides Medical Advances

    Cloning provides new ways for medical science to try to solve the world's problems. Cloning can be used to grow new organs, make new nerve cells and produce natural antibodies to fight diseases. We have the technology now to clone certain complex animals. It is only a matter of time before humans are cloned, we just need laws relaxed so people can be duplicated in the lab.

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