• Yes of course

    Well the truth is why not lots of things are helped liked organs and depression if you are saying no t o having a clone you are also saying no to twins r u saying that one of 2 twins should be taken away? I hope not it is fine

  • Yes, it should.

    There is nothing wrong with cloning, everything against it has been debunked and really the question itself is pretty dumb, there is no real reason not to allow it as long as reproduction is taken into account, randomization of the genes was a solution my friend came up with for the reproduction issue as well, so maybe that will work, and there will be no problems at all. It's not immoral to clone things, saying so is just retarded and immoral.

  • Great Idea Yes!

    Not only will cloning enrich our technology, but now women won't always be used for sex stuff. We could bring back dead people (lets hope) by cloning them.
    Cloning could finally bring people back from the dead, simply because the technology encouraged them too.
    Now, we could also bring back children, or copy the same child and give it to others without having to have sex for that.
    I believe it will benefit our society and bring women into the picture of hopefully being known for their kindness and brains rather than other things....

  • It is better that we guide and define than abstain.

    No extreme offers long standing benefits. We should not clone without bounds, nor should we be so overly cautious as to cast the science from mind. There will always be those that would attempt such arts. It is better that we allow room for such an outlet whilst ensuring we take every measure possible to protect the cloned and society.

  • It should be allowed.

    If you have learned how to process of cloning works, it's much like a surrogate mother, but the process of creating the sperm and egg is more complex. Recreating the wolly mammoth or the dodo could change the future, we could learn more about them in contrast to only bones and flesh samples. To add, there's no harm in cloning (unless you have strong morals). Yes, cloning humans is something that we shouldn't do, but animals is another thing. Cloning is not putting an animal into a machine and having a replica pop out. When you clone, you have to create a fertilized egg and place it inside of a related or the same animals. Like for example, a wolly mammoth egg would be put inside of an elephant. The process isn't hurting anything. We should, in fact, have a more secure way to clone since more clones are born with deformities, but in the next decades, we will be recreating even extinct animals, like the first extinct animals to be cloned was an ibex, and if we did that, we could do more. And if it is against God's plan, then He should do something.

  • Humans Ruin Everything

    If humans have learnt anything from their experience on earth, it should be that every idea they have that starts out with promise in all logical ways later comes back to bite them in the bum because humans inevitably use emotions and varying opinions and moral guidelines over logic, soon creating situations where 10000 more debates are required to decide what exactly is ethical and what isn't. Prohibiting cloning would prevent this, and while the pros of it are clear, the cons become even clearer.

  • It goes against human nature.

    Although intended for good purposes it is now always a 100% chance that the clone will not come with any defects. For example Dolly the sheep took about 273 tries to finally get a clone, and it wasn't even in good shape. Also as a christian it goes against my personal belief that the ability for humans to create life is wrong and against Gods will.

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