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  • What About the clones feelings?

    If you were to clone who to say you wouldn't create feeling beings? They might not like being used for sex or body parts. There might end up being so many of them, And when they all get sick and tired of being treated like crap, They would maybe start a political or possibly violent motion.

  • Cloning should be illegal

    If you clone something or someone it could come out with millions of possible problems like brain or nucleus problems. Do not clone it could also come out with psychopaths that look like the thing that went in. Do not clone or you will be sorry! !

  • Clone yourself for insurance

    Like in the movie "The Island" you could clone yourself and have a perfect match in case you needed any body parts. Kidney failing? Get it from the clone. Missing a leg now? Technology should be good enough to replace it with the clones leg. Science might go far enough to be able to put your brain and all your memories in a cloned body.

  • Army of me

    Think of the possibilities, You would never have to be lonely, Never you could make a society of people that thought and acted just like you do! And if someone told you to go f)(* yourself, You could! And then you could invent sex droids and brew beers and have a utopia

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