• Yes it should

    Why not? Its not like they are real people or animals. They are just tools for us to use. We will soon need spare parts if we keep going down the road we as humans are going. Clonin g is a good thisng. It could never be bad. We win no matter what.


    A case similar to this was performed, but no cloning was included. A girl called Anissa whole lived in San Francisco in 1988 had suffered from cancer. The only way to cure her was to kill all stem cells by high toxic. But without the stem cells, she would die. So the parents found a suitable bone marrow for the transplantation. The surgery failed as the comparability of the bone marrow had a low percentage. The parents decided to have another baby to provide a suitable bone marrow for their daughter. The comparability of the marrow bone of both the baby and Anissa was 25%. The transplantation was performed when the baby was 14 month old. After 5 years from the day of the surgery, Anissa recovered. So if human cloning was performed, the parents wouldn’t have to born another baby then kill it for their daughter. Again this may sound inhumane, but the transplant is successful and can save lives. If a family member of someone’s had died, they can make an exact copy of the dead member by human cloning. This would cure the pain and the missing of the dead member cause liver failure, kidney failure, Leukemia, Cystic fibrosis and many other diseases could be treated.

    Human Cloning under any circumstances is inhumane, where it is a playing of God. But what if God had created us for using such technology to save lives? In animal cloning, the possibility of success is very small and wastes a lot of money, but saving the life of the one you love is priceless. At least you are trying to save a life and not just sitting there complaining the consequences of such action. Also there are successful cases of animal cloning which are very well known. On the 27th of February in 1997, a sheep named Dolly was successfully cloned from an adult cell. Another case is a successful cloning of a rhesus monkey, where the reproduction and development is almost identical to humans. Meaning human cloning is successful if tried. You have to accept the fact that when a cloned baby is born having abnormal characteristics, you would have to destroy the baby if it was a danger to the human race. But if it isn’t the baby can always be raised by orphanages or can be adopted. I personally believe that human cloning should be legal, but within certain circumstances. Where human cloning should be only performed for further research onto understanding the concept of such action. We should judge after more thorough understanding of human cloning. It could be the new technology to save countless lives. You never know. But by banning human cloning, stops further research where it stops the help of saving lives. So Cloning would have to be granted under the strictest of guidelines, closely monitored and would need to be based on certain criteria.

  • Cloning is Good for life

    The practice of cloning can be used to benefit society and therefore should be legalized. Ever since the cloning of the first adult sheep, Dolly, the idea of cloning has become a major issue and the subject of many debates. Many people are afraid of the idea of cloning because it is new and misunderstood.

  • Sign The Petition And Allow The World To Benefit From Human Cloning.

    Yes I believe human cloning should be Legal. There huge list of benefits we can gain from it if we allow it to be open to everyone. As you know it can help fight off aging, diseases, bring back dead pets or even (if the research is allowed to grow) people who have passed on. I know many people fighting with a loss of a loved one. As I also know that pain of loss. God gave us the power of intelligence to do what we want . As long as its possitive and with laws in place to protect the digity of cloned humans (which there will be if the law is passed) Everything will be fine and the world will finally benefit from the unsung hero of science... Human cloning! Listen! Were in the year 2016, and we still dont have hoverboards or time travel machines and holograms, but what we do have is cloning. This miracle science is in our hands and were not experiencing its full benefits! Its a sad shame. So please read (its not long) and sign my petition and lets change the world. Good day. Barack Obama: 'Lift The Ban And Allow Same Sex Couples And The World To Benefit From Human Cloning'. - Sign the Petition!
    Https://www.Change.Org/p/barack-obama-allow-same-sex-couples-to-have-their-own-child-through-dna-cloning?Recruiter=84365768 please sign my petition.


  • What bad could come out of it?

    If you couldn't have children, just clone half of you and half of your significant other. I think it would be cool for me to have a clone who i would treat as my brother. Cloning is a viable option for organ transplants. I accept everyone as a person, that is the same with clones.

  • Why Cloning Should be Aloud

    If you you did your homework you would know that you don't have
    to clone a whole human you can just clone the organ in a test tube and cloning a person will be making them a identical twin who is younger than them cause they won't have the same mind or memories.

  • Consciousness better understood

    We would have more ways to study the human consciousness. If the quantum information in the clone is fairly identical to that of the original, you could compare both states of consciousness and learn more about our place in the universe. Should be legalized to expand our knowledge and further use of our resources.

  • Consciousness better understood

    We would have more ways to study the human consciousness. If the quantum information in the clone is fairly identical to that of the original, you could compare both states of consciousness and learn more about our place in the universe. Should be legalized to expand our knowledge and further use of our resources.

  • Experimental purpose in medicine and all types of biology

    The fact that we are cloning people doesn't necessarily mean we are giving them consciousness we are just creating vessels. These will help us a lot by taking away the need for organ donors, will help in a lot of drug projects, and will help us study the human body with its full function and potential. Plus Kyle XY ;)

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  • Cloning is Wrong.

    Every person is unique in their own way. When it is time for them to leave the earth, they leave. Bringing that person back to life, in a sense shows a serious lack of respect. That person worked to become who they were. They shouldn't be able to just be copied.

  • No, cloning cannot be ethically justified in humans. Creating subhumans for our use and exploitation should not be acceptable.

    There are two potential purposes for cloning. The first one is for organs, and the second would for companionship. Neither of these is ethically acceptable. I will first examine creating genetically identical creatures for use as organ farms. Humans are sentient, and because of that, their life has intrinsic value. If you accept human life is valuable, a factory farm if humans is not legitimate. Also, this is a form of slavery. Of creating ownership over humans, and exploiting them, at the cost of their own lives, for the benefit of their 'owner'. Next, we will examine the use of clones for companionship. This proposition essentially advocates the creation of sentient and living toys. These cloned humans would be little more than a pet that can talk back. Because humans are able to have value to their lives, creating a slave-companion can never be seen as ethical.

  • Against the rule of God.

    We shouldn't do anything which we are not allowed by God. Cloning is totally illegal and it should be.. There is no use of making same person because atleast one day he/she will definitely die........ So better not to do such type of things. Just to save one person ,other person is killed ,as i heard this from a person who was in its favour.

  • No

    Not only is it ethically wrong, yet it also brings up medical issues that would be difficult to resolve. Cloning has been achieved with animals, yet is have been predicted as to being rather unsafe for humans. It can result in physical disabilities, genetic mutations, or even death. It is unsafe and unethical to clone human beings.

  • Cloning could lead to war

    Governments would take advantage of cloning if it becomes legal, they would make armies. While this does have the advantage of having a more secure country, it would also mean that other countries would take advantage of cloning, and wars would be larger and more destructive because there would be larger armies.

  • No, cloning generates a list of issues

    The primary issue is irrelevant to athiests. What about a persons soul? Does a cloned person have a soul? Is it right for us to "play god" in creating something?
    Second, think about the issues for the created person. The meaning of life for them would simply be "because some scientists wanted to see if they could."
    Third, criminal investigation. Suppose a cloned version of you is involved in a robbery or homicide, how could you possibly prove it wasn't you... it was... technically.
    As of now, cloning generates more issues than it could solve...
    Cloning should not be legal.

  • God put us together, so humans shouldn't.

    Psalm 139:13-16 says,"
    13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
    and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
    Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
    15 You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion,
    as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.
    16 You saw me before I was born.
    Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
    Every moment was laid out
    before a single day had passed."
    God created us so we shouldn't created other humans.

  • Its God's creation

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