Should clubs be penalised for the behaviour of their fans?

  • The clubs need to take some responsibility

    April 15, 1989. 3000 Liverpool supporters resorted to standing in standing-room terraces that could only fit half the amount of people in Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. 96 Liverpool soccer fans were crushed to death. They were mixed by an attempt by the police, investigators and media to show the victims and to blame them for the disaster. The families of the deceased suffered much injustice because of the failure of the authorities and police to anticipate this disaster.
    This disaster just shows that the police cannot always have the power to handle or anticipate situations. If we don’t punish sporting teams for the violent behaviour of their fans, then it is entirely up to the police to try to stop hooligans, which cannot always turn out right.

  • Football clubs should be penalized for the behavior of their fans

    If clubs were penalized for the behavior of their fans, then the fans would behave more rightly, in order to avoid penalties for their clubs. Consider that these fans tend to act out in all sorts of ways, for all sorts of reasons, victory, defeat, bad calls, schedules, and more. If clubs were penalized, the fans would act right.

  • Attention to the Match

    I myself am an enjoyer of rugby and I feel that if we are watching malmannered fans I miss parts of the game, The game I came to watch If i wanted to see a group of people fighting I would go to my local pub why should I have to spend £100 atleast to see it from happening upto 50 meters away

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  • If the club or team doesn't who will

    Leaving violence at sport games is just another job for the police to handle. This is wrong police should spend time doing what they need to donot the club which is to lazy to take safety precautions into perspective. Also their players can be put off by un behaving fans which will make the club suffer itself

  • South African Soccer

    A great example of violent behavior would be soccer, especially in the UK and South Africa. In 2005, a soccer game was so crowded that 43 people were killed, due to being crushed against a fence. This is deeply saddening news, but if proper security measures were being taken by these clubs, then this may have never happened, then 43 different families wouldn’t have had to bury their sons, daughters, fathers and mothers.

    In South Africa, police spokeswoman Sgt Amanda Roestoff stated, “The stampede killed 43 people, 29 inside the stadium and 14 outside, two of the dead were children”.

    Children. Can you imagine a younger brother or sister, your daughter of son being killed by a game? A game that was “harmless”. A game that was implied being fun?

    Security guard Petrus Saayman, 22, said he rushed to help a teenage girl trapped in a fence.
    He stated to police during the attack, "The girl, she broke her neck or something. When I came there, she was already dead," he said.

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  • Why do you think it is fair?

    Let's say I was walking along the street and then suddenly I witness a robbery, the robber turns and blames the whole thing on me, I don’t about your opinion, but in my eyes that is not fair. Also let's refer to Donald J Trump, I will give you a quote from Mr Trump himself, ‘Muslims are responsible for the world trade centre’. How dare he blame muslims for that horrific incident in 2001. It was only a tiny fraction of muslims who supported this, so why blame them all because they have the same colour skin. I am aware that, that was an extreme example compared to the topic, but they are linked. Just think about this question for a couple of seconds. Why should people get blamed for others actions?

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  • This is unfair!!

    It's unfair to blame a group of people for one persons actions. It's their problem they can't control themselves. And yes it makes the reputation of the team look bad but they know to attract their fans they need to have a good reputation so they so as much as they can to prevent these incidents from happening eg, not allowing alcohol on the premises.

  • The fans are not behaving rationally

    The decision to riot or commit violence is never rational! In a lot of cases it is fuelled by alcohol amongst other substances where the fans in this case are not behaving rationally. In the heat of the moment they won't care about consequences or repercussions and at the end of the day those who riot aren't the real supporters they are the people who go to matches to get drunk and voice political opinions. It will be the real fans children who go to games with their fathers and lets not forget the players who will suffer.

  • It's not fair

    If the fans do a bad behaviour, they should be penalize. It's their own fault if they can't to control their self. Don't do an act like violence if you can't to accountable it. In this case, the person who behave badly and make a fault is the fans, not the club. So the justice will be fair if the faulty one is being punished than the right one

    Posted by: Roki
  • How can a club be punished for their fans violent behavior?

    I don't know about you but how many commercials on TV do you see where a sporting club is promoting violence? And do you think that the club does not try to stop these violent acts? Do you not think that the sportsmen feel bad about these violent acts? That they are already being punished for the fans violent acts? If I ran over a fan on a motor bike when I was filming a cycling race i would feel horrible. But ultimately the fan should not have been standing so close. Have you seen those finishes they are so packed full of people. And when you start heading up into the hills you have these idiots who run next to the riders. The people running the race tell them not to, but they don't care. All in all it's there own fault for being nong bats and running out in front of the bike. I would have just been doing my job. Not that I ride motor bikes, but I do ride a bike and I can tell you I would be pretty annoyed if someone stood in the middle of the rode as I tried to get past.

    It's just like this race I went to a while ago. This lady was standing in the middle of the rode at the finish of a race, a female race I might add, and when all the riders came across the line they had no where to go. Some of the riders went over the fence and I got hit by one of them. It hurt. But more to the point do you think that was the riders fault? No. So should the riders be punished? My definition of violence is purposefully hurting someone. And that was a whole lot of someones who got hurt. Including me. The lady was stupid and caused a massive violent accident just because of it.

    Now I don't know about you but I sure as heck don't think the cyclists should be punished for that they were just doing their jobs.

  • Sporting clubs horror

    Finally, the club does not need to take responsibility for individual’s actions. When is it that individuals have to stop hiding behind the club and tale the punishment for what they have done?

    Individuals have hidden within the comfort of sporting clubs for far too long. Punishing the club the club will only make this worse.

  • Could lead to Match Fixing

    If we do punish sporting teams for their fans violent behavior, people are going to take advantage of this. People may be payed or do this out of personal choice - Some randoms can dress up as one teams fan and commit an act of violence, and that team will be penalized. It would be very difficult to find out if they were actually not fans.

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