• Cluster bombs should be legal in the U.S..

    The United States should use cluster bombs when necessary. These are conventional weapons and they have several applications on the modern battlefield. Although some weapons should be banned because they are overly cruel, these kinds of bombs should be permitted because they are sometimes necessary. The United States should continue to use them.

  • For the time being

    While they are a weapon of war that nobody hopes needs to be utilized, in an increasingly unstable and irrational world, we should not deny ourselves having them. It'd be great if we could get to a point that the world was a calm enough place for their existence to not be needed, but we aren't there at the moment.

  • Cluster bombs should be legal in the U.S.

    Cluster bombs should be legal in the United States. This is because of the fact that all weapons should be legalized in the United States. All weapons are tools, and tools should never be banned. People who misuse tools for bad purposes are the things that should be banned, not the bombs.

  • Don't Legalize Cluster Bombs

    There's no reason that we should legalize cluster bombs in the United States today. Citizens don't have any use for these weapons, and they're only designed to cause mass destruction. For that reason, nobody should even consider the crazy idea of legalizing cluster boms in this country at the moment.

  • They're the last thing we need to make legal.

    The way I understand it, a cluster bomb is a type of explosive that when detonated releases a series of smaller bombs over an area. Why on earth would these need to be legal in the United States? No, I don't think they should be, and I don't think the Second Amendment covers stuff like this.

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