Should CNN apologize for its sympathetic Steubenville coverage?

  • An apology is the least CNN should do.

    CNN's coverage was absolutely outrageous, and its lack of acknowledgment of the public's response only exacerbates their position on the matter. An apology will take care of handling their mistake, and allowing this nightmare they created for yourself to end. I still also give peace to those who have been absolutely disregarded by their actions (i.E. The victim, and all the rape victims who came across the beyond inferior coverage of the verdict).

  • Rape is a horrific crime

    CNN took a sympathetic angle toward the group of boys who were proved to be rapists. There was a significant amount of evidence to show that they were guilty. They even admitted to raping the poor young girl. Instead, CNN should have been sympathetic to the victim. I have not heard ANY news outlet express any empathy towards the victim.

  • Yes, they should apologize for their coverage.

    Yes, CNN should apologize for its sympathetic Steubenville coverage. There are many people who watch CNN broadcasts and if CNN is casting a sympathetic light on people who commit these heinous acts, then how will society ever move forward and stop blaming the victim? An apology is definitely in order here.

  • Yes they should

    As someone who watched the coverage that CNN put out, and was outraged to the maximum while they did so, I think CNN should go live and on the record and should apologize profusely for the filth that they put over the airwaves. It was shameful and deserves an apology.

  • CNN's sympathetic comments for the convicted rapists creates the impression that its the victim's fault the perpetrators' lives were ruined because she reported her assault.

    I was outraged and astounded when I saw the CNN reporting and read the CNN articles describing how the teen boys' lives were ruined because of this rape conviction. The reporter went into great detail, in a very sad and sympathetic tone, describing how until this happened, they had great potential before to go to college and play football, and now it is all gone. This is outrageous! Their lives were not ruined because they were accused and convicted of rape, their lives were ruined because they committed a brutal, violent crime. They raped a defenseless and underage young woman. Those boys would be free to go out and achieve their goals and live out their potential if they hadn't made the horrible decision to commit criminal acts. They deserve no sympathy. CNN made very little comment about the actual victim in the case, the poor girl who was possibly drugged, and brutally raped multiple times. What about her future? What demons will she have to face for the rest of her life? Let's talk about that instead. CNN's sympathetic coverage towards the rapists helps to perpetuate the notion that seems to be prevalent in this country that a rape victim who reports the crime ruins the rapist's life. There is a mindset of to blame the victim, that a rape victim "asked for it" or that the fact that the crime happened, or the rapists were convicted is somehow the victim's fault. This mindset absolutely needs to change, it is never the victim's fault. Rape victims are often said to be victimized twice, the first time by the rape crime, and the second time when the crime is investigated and prosecuted. CNN's coverage and sympathetic commentary for the rapists is a prime example of this. The reporter was so very wrong and she and the network should absolutely apologize for promoting a rape sympathetic mindset in America.

  • They just covered things in the way they deemed appropriate.

    From what I've seen and heard, they were just going with the idea of innocent until proven guilty. No, I don't like some of the things that they did and some of the ways that they covered it, but it was a controversial case, but one can expect all the different ways that things can be covered to be covered.

    If anything, we should be glad to see a media outlet actually coming at a story from a different direction.

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Anonymous says2013-04-02T14:16:10.400
They STILL haven't apologized? WTF.

How the hell does a metal band get an apology over a mistaken identity before a teenage gang-rape survivor receives an apology for what is essentially the highest profile ''You were asking for it'' since religion?