Should CNN donate $5 million to charity in order to get Donald Trump to appear on the Republic debate the station is airing?

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  • No, I do not think that CNN should donate $5 million to charity in order for Trump to appear in the debates.

    No, I do not think that CNN should donate $5 million to charity in order for Donald Trump to appear in the Republican debates for several reasons. First, the debates are set up for the benefit of the candidates, as a national public platform to express their views and plans. It is one of the best forms of free publicity to which the candidates have access. Paying any of them would set a bad precedent. In addition, Donald Trump is a self-professed billionaire and it appears very greedy to be demanding such a large sum of money for an appearance that is already in his best interest. Perhaps he should use some of his personal net worth to make a donation instead of demanding it from CNN?

  • CNN should never even consider paying to have a candidate at the debate.

    No, CNN should not donate any money to have Donald Trump or any other candidate appear on the debate. The debate is by invitation. Donald Trump can come as an invited guest or he can choose not to appear. Clearly, Trump is confused about the situation. He is running to be president of the United States of America he needs to prove himself to the voting public. Unfortunately, he seems to believe he is a high-value celebrity who can make demands and who should be sought-out. Maybe he'll get things straight. Either way, CNN should remember what they're doing and present an honest debate, complete with candidates who choose to accept the invitation to come and prove themselves to the American voters.

  • Tells us who he is

    He is doing all of this for the attention, I'm not even sure the guy wants to be president. He is basically making a ransom demand for his appearance, and he has enough money that if he wants to help a charity he can give it to them himself. This is nothing other than a ploy for attention and CNN shouldn't fall for it.

  • We don't negotiate with terrorists

    I'm pretty sure caving to the demands of a megalomaniac over a televised primary debate is the very definition of a fools errand. Let Mr. Trump find his own microphone, then, if he dislikes CNN that much. Nobody likes CNN that much, but they do what they can to be what they are.

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