• Yes, Coke should have invested in Keurig when given chance.

    Looking the trend of declining soda sales worldwide over the past decade Coca-Cola would have sell served it's shareholders by taking a stake in Keurig. Brewed and cold coffee drinks are growth market and Keurig is well placed to take advantage of this trend, with a strong market share in both hardware and expendables for single serving devices.

  • Keurig would be a smart investment for Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola should have invested in Keurig. It is smart to have multi-faceted investments as a beverage company. The homemade coffee sector is a valuable addition in the beverage market, which only recently has been heavily marketed beyond traditional coffeemakers. Coca-Cola investing in Keurig is a smart move that would pay off handsomely for the company.

  • They have to stay current.

    Yes, Coca-Cola should have invested in Keurig, because they have to take chances and keep up with the latest developments in the industry. At some places, like at Five Guys, you can use a Keurig-like machine to get one of 80 different kinds of drink. Keurig has allowed Coca-Cola to stay cutting edge in the soda industry.

  • Coca-Cola Invested in Keurig

    I personally think that Coca-Cola should not invest in Keurig because Coca-Cola is a soda and Keurig is coffee even though they might be able to turn a great idea around. I personally think that Coca-Cola should not invest in Keurig because they have individual business and bringing their business together can bring a damper in a business.

  • Not From The Same Markets

    I believe assuming Coca-Cola should have invested in Keurig is somewhat backwards. Keurig started in the coffee market, something that Coca-Cola doesn't really have anything to do with. Keurig may be trying to enter the soda market, but I believe their price points will keep them out of it for the most part.

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