• Why shouldn't it?

    More games for Switch means more for us to choose from and play which is better for us consumers.
    From a business stand point it can't hurt to port these games to Switch as long as they are successful and so far, games have sold very well on Switch, even third party games.


    Do you honestly want those kinds of fanboys on our console anyway? CoD games have been on Nintendo systems before, and have always been inferior ports and all sold poorly. The graphics are way too advanced for the Switch to handle anyway. At school and online, I have witnessed a trend of who the CoD fans are, teens and pre teens who are going through a "got to play gory games to be cool" phase. My mom just recently took away my violent games privileges, and in the following weeks, my eyes have been opened to what a good video game looks like. Don't let this repetitive, yearly, micro transaction infested tumor we call CoD be the reason my age group infest Nintendo's otherwise mature and friendly fanbase.

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